Speech Application Practice at Home - Getting the Word Out

Speech Application Practice at Home - Getting the Word Out image
Lately I have been sharing a lot of applications that I use for speech and language therapy with my colleagues and parents, but as I sat through IEP after IEP showing parents how I use the iPad in therapy, I have been asked countless times by parents to give them lists of applications that they can purchase for their students to use at home. So I thought, why wait until the IEP to share this information? Why not send a note home to see who has devices that can utilize speech and language applications and then share applications with them right away? The more practice my students get at home, the better!

Dollar Tree Categorization Activity

Dollar Tree Categorization Activity image
While browsing around Dollar Tree the other day, I noticed a divided serving tray and ideas started to form. Isn't that how it always happens at the Dollar Tree? You can never walk out without buying a bunch of random items or projects for your classroom. Anyhow, I immediately thought of a great idea of how to use the divided plastic serving tray with my students who have difficulty with categorization.

A List of Apps For Voice, Fluency, Hearing, and Swallowing

A List of Apps For Voice, Fluency, Hearing, and Swallowing image
As I stated in my previous post from earlier today, I have been working on and researching applications for speech-language pathologists to use in therapy for months. In my previous post, I posted a list of applications as a PDF file for articulation therapy. This list includes applications to assist with voice therapy, fluency, hearing, and swallowing/dysphagia for speech-language pathologists.

Making Articulation Fun - Card Bowling

Making Articulation Fun - Card Bowling image
Here is another post on my quest to make articulation therapy fun! This is another activity that I have done with my students with the articulation fun deck cards from Super Duper. First, I place the articulation cards for the sounds we are working on in therapy that day on the floor in the formation in which I will place the bowling pins. Next, I place the plastic bowling pins on top of the cards.

Articulation App List

Articulation App List image
Since the beginning of the school year in 2011, I have been creating multiple app lists for articulation, language, RtI, autism, AAC, and more. I have seen a lot of app lists out there and tried to take my time researching all of the available applications. Finally, I am done with my first application list for speech-language pathologists: Applications for Articulation Therapy.

Pinterest Professionalism

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Pinterest is a social media platform in which users can "pin" (or visually bookmark) various websites, photos, and ideas onto a categorized board to share with others. This website has recently become popular among those who craft, cook/bake, and whom are educators. Speech-language pathologists are currently using this website to share therapy ideas, materials, and websites. The website has quickly become popular and as many are beginning to use it professionally, it is important to remember that the information on the website is public. This means that we as professionals must think about the appropriateness of what we pin and which parts of our personal life to keep separate from our Pinterest accounts.

Making Articulation Fun - Card Grabber

Making Articulation Fun - Card Grabber image
Another way that I like to make articulation therapy fun is by getting out my toy grabbers and having my students pick up articulation cards! This is great as an individual or a group activity. It also involves fine motor skills of being able to grasp the handle and pull it to clasp onto a card.

Articulation Card Jenga

Articulation Card Jenga image
Many of the students on my caseload are working on various speech sounds. I am not one for using articulation cards to drill sounds over and over. This becomes boring for myself and also for my students. I had seen a lot of posts on Pinterest about using Jenga blocks and writing words on them for articulation sounds and conversation starters. I want to be able to reuse my Jenga blocks over and over again, so I came up with a different idea. We placed articulation cards in between the Jenga block levels.

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