Articulation Card Jenga

Articulation Card Jenga image
Many of the students on my caseload are working on various speech sounds. I am not one for using articulation cards to drill sounds over and over. This becomes boring for myself and also for my students. I had seen a lot of posts on Pinterest about using Jenga blocks and writing words on them for articulation sounds and conversation starters. I want to be able to reuse my Jenga blocks over and over again, so I came up with a different idea. We placed articulation cards in between the Jenga block levels.

Articulation Jenga

My students loved it! They enjoyed placing the cards between the blocks and seeing which cards fell when blocks were knocked over!

Articulation Jenga blocks fell over

Instead of becoming upset when Jenga bricks fell, my students were delighted to see how many cards they could collect. So, in a way, everyone felt like a winner whether they were not the person who knocked the tower over or were the person who collected the most cards. Depending on what each students' goals were for articulation sounds, they could make up a sentence for each word, or state the word on the card. In addition, when I had students who were working different speech sounds, I placed speech cards in the Jenga tower that contained both of their sounds.

I am always looking for more ways to make working on speech sounds fun! Keep stopping by to see more ways that we have fun with articulation in my classroom!


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