Making Articulation Fun - Card Bowling

Making Articulation Fun - Card Bowling image
Here is another post on my quest to make articulation therapy fun! This is another activity that I have done with my students with the articulation fun deck cards from Super Duper. First, I place the articulation cards for the sounds we are working on in therapy that day on the floor in the formation in which I will place the bowling pins. Next, I place the plastic bowling pins on top of the cards.

Plastic bowling pins on top of articulation cards

Then, let the students have at it! They will take turns bowling to see who can knock over the most pins! Once a student knocks over pins on his or her turn, he or she will read the words on the other side of the card for each pin he or she knocked down!

Plastic bowling pins on top of articulation cards knocked over

This is a great motivator for my students! They want to knock over as many as they can, and that means that I can get more trials for their sounds out of them! Of course, I modify this for the size group that I have. I usually do not play this game with more than 2-3 students as the set-up time between students takes a while. You can have the students read the word with their sound which is on the cards or place it in a phrase or sentence.

Plastic bowling pins on top of articulation cards knocked over with cards word side up

You can purchase plastic bowling pins at pretty much any store that carries childrens' toys. Meijer, Target, Walmart - those are just some of the places that may carry them. They weren't too expensive either, between $3-5. In addition, I know that I have seen plastic bowling pins at various garage sales/thrift stores, so take a peek when you are out and about for a deal! In addition, the plastic bowling pins that I have seen for sale have come in a carrying case or holder so that they are easy to take from room to room.

Keep coming back to my blog for more fun therapy ideas!


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