Speech Application Practice at Home - Getting the Word Out

Speech Application Practice at Home - Getting the Word Out image
Lately I have been sharing a lot of applications that I use for speech and language therapy with my colleagues and parents, but as I sat through IEP after IEP showing parents how I use the iPad in therapy, I have been asked countless times by parents to give them lists of applications that they can purchase for their students to use at home. So I thought, why wait until the IEP to share this information? Why not send a note home to see who has devices that can utilize speech and language applications and then share applications with them right away? The more practice my students get at home, the better!

This morning, after my first IEP and before my second IEP of the day, I decided to make a flyer. On this flyer, I ask parents if they would be interested in hearing about speech and language related applications that are specifically recommended for their child based on their age, cognitive ability, speech and language goals, and the settings of each application. In addition, not all applications are available on each device, so I asked parents to circle which devices they own (iPod touch (which version), iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Nook, or Kindle Fire). Parents can then send the flyer back to me if they are interested and then I can send them home a list of applications, how to use them with their student, prices of apps/in-app purchases, settings, etc.

Here is what the flyer looks like (Consonantly Speaking logo is not this big or in the same location in the actual document):

Applications for speech practice at home flyer

I cannot wait to get some of these forms back from parents and to see who is interested in learning more about speech and language applications! It will also be great to have my students practicing at home, especially since many of these devices are more motivating than other speech homework. It is attached at the end of this post.

Feel free to download, use, and share this flyer! Also, I would love to hear if any of your parents use their devices at home and have speech and language applications on them!



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