A Conversational Prompt Poster For Adolescents With Autism

A Conversational Prompt Poster For Adolescents With Autism image
Over the couple of years that I have been working with students who have autism, I have noticed that in some cases there is uncomfortable silence when my students are unsure how to change a topic or continue a conversation. In the past, I have either reminded my students aloud of some strategies that they can use when they are unsure of what to say next, but I found that visual cues work even better and faster than continuous verbal cues.

Instead of using verbal cues with my students in conversation, I allow for a few moments of silence for the students to acknowledge the silence, and then either point to my visual poster or my students may look at it themselves. This poster contains sentences/quotes that can be used in conversation when a student who has autism is unsure of what to say next in a conversation with a peer.

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This poster states the main ideas in bold red font and examples in parenthesis following the main idea. The conversational cues included on this poster are as follows:

  1. Listen to what the other person is saying and make a comment about it
  2. Say something related to the topic
  3. Ask a question about the topic
  4. Change the subject
  5. Tell the other person you don't know much about their topic
  6. End the conversation
Feel free to download it and use it with your high-functioning autistic students, or any other students who need reminders in conversation. Once again, you can print this for your own use, use this in your therapy, and share it. I have also went as far as to send home copies of this chart so that parents can use it at the dinner table. I hope this helps your students as much as it has mine. The pdf file is attached at the bottom of this post.



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