Writing Graphic For Fast Writers

Writing Graphic For Fast Writers image
A few of my students are fast writers. What do I mean by that? I mean that they often write what they are thinking without looking. Their writing becomes illegible, disorganized, misspelled, and they are unable to read it back to me or their teacher. I can't be in every classroom during writing at once, so what could I do? Then, I created a visual.

I call this visual Sammy the Snake. I used all words that began with the letter "s" so that it would be easier to remember each part. Here is an image of the graphic:

Sammy the Snake

The stop sign stands for "Stop and Think". This encourages students to stop and think about what they want to say before they write. It also helps them think about each sentence they want to write one at a time. The turtle stands for "Slow Down". This encourages students who get so excited about what they want to write that they do not think about each individual word to write slowly. The speaking bubble with the Ssss stands for "Sound it Out". This helps remind my students to sound out their words, especially the multisyllabic words and words with blends. The final image with the colored popscicle sticks stands for "Spaces Between Words". Most of my students use space sticks in class, which are essentially popscicle sticks so the students know to place that amount of space between words. This image encourages my students to remember to use their space sticks.

I place the above image on my students' desks or on top of their pencil boxes. This is after they have learned what each image stands for. I have attached this image as well as my teaching poster at the end of this post. The teaching poster includes words for what each image stands for next to each image. Feel free to use and share the image/poster, but do not sell it for personal gain. I hope this helps your students as much as it has mine!



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