Another Super Duper Giveaway! - 5 Let's Predict App Codes From Super Duper Publications!

Another Super Duper Giveaway! - 5 Let's Predict App Codes From Super Duper Publications! image
After my previous Super Duper App giveaway, Ashley at Super Duper Publications contacted me and stated that they were feeling very generous this BHSM. Super Duper Publications has given me 5 "Let's Predict Fun Deck" app codes for my readers! To enter, complete various Rafflecopter entries below following the article and review:

Super Duper Publications has over 15,000 followers on Facebook, but did you know that they recently created a Pinterest account? Make sure to check them out on Pinterest to view their products as well as different ideas of how to use their products (Consonantly Speaking's Articulation Jenga and Articulation Bowling are featured on one of their pin boards)!

The "Let's Predict Fun Deck" app from Super Duper Publications is based on the fun deck of cards itself. Like the rest of Super Duper apps, there are options on the first page to start a new game, continue a game, edit the player list, view results, and more. When you start a new game, you can use a player (student/client) that you have previously entered or you can bypass the screen by selecting "Next" to informally use the deck. Then, you can choose which of the 56 cards the app will show and press "Play". An image from the Fun Deck will appear and if you press the image, a narrator will state what is happening in the picture followed by the prompt "what happens next?" The application should be used without the supervision of an adult or therapist due to the fact that the application itself cannot determine of the child is correct or incorrect. Based on the response from the child, one can press the red button if the answer was incorrect and the green button if the answer was correct. To get to the next image, swipe the screen from right to left. In addition, move between players by swiping the bar at the top of the screen from right to left.

To view results from the session, press "Menu" and then "View Results". The Results page will show a fraction of how many answers were correct versus incorrect for each player as well as a percentage of correct answers. Once you have viewed the results, you can choose to e-mail them by pressing the "Email Results" button. The next time the application is opened, all data is reset to zero.

This application is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. To enter to win one of 5 "Let's Predict Fun Deck" applications, enter below on the Rafflecopter. To earn more entries, complete more of the tasks on the Rafflecopter. Ashley Lesley, Marketing Specialist for Super Duper Publications provided these applications for us, so make sure to follow her on Twitter for help with customer service, information about Super Duper Publications, and future giveaways! Her Twitter username is included in the Rafflecopter below.


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