Giving Back to Our Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Giving Back to Our Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week image
It's Teacher Appreciation Week and boy do I feel blessed to work where I do with an amazing staff! The parent club has spoiled us all week with cute little treats in our mailboxes and a Hawaiian luncheon today! I even received a gift of hand sanitizer and candies from a student! Even though some of us work alongside teachers and feel like teachers, we can still give back to them during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Two speech-language pathologists have already written some posts about informing teachers about speech and language disorders as well as vocal hygiene. Live Speak Love wrote a post that included information pages for teachers (and parents) in regards to how to encourage correct sound production, language performance, strategies to help support students with autism, and how to state expectations positively in the classroom. Speech Room News shared a handout from graduate student Jenna Williams that detailed vocal hygiene for teachers.

Next week, I plan on placing a few informational handouts on the tables at lunch for the teachers to look at while they eat and perhaps share a little speechie snack.

At my school district, as part of a technology bond, the teachers received a microphone and classroom speaker system for every classroom! Absolutely wonderful! The teachers are generally very good about using them because they know that it is helping their students hear around the classroom, but I would like to highlight other benefits of the microphone/speaker system as well. The first handout emphasizes the benefits of using their microphone and what to do when it does not work.

Classroom microphone icon

In addition, I have a lot of students who have auditory processing difficulties this year. Most of my teachers are great at remembering to break directions into parts as well as using visuals on their projection screens; however, it is the end of the year, things are getting busy, and refreshers are always great! My second handout reminds teachers of strategies to use with students who have difficulty following auditory directions.

Auditory processing icon

Feel free to use these at your workplace! Each worksheet is attached below in PDF format! I can't wait to create more informational handouts for parents and teachers in the future. I appreciate my colleagues and want them to know that I am here to help them help their students succeed in the classroom!



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