How Consonantly Speaking's App Lists Were Compiled and More App Resources for You!

How Consonantly Speaking's App Lists Were Compiled and More App Resources for You! image
Due to the popularity of the application lists that Consonantly Speaking has developed and released, it is important to recognize the amount of work that others have done as well in compiling lists of applications for children with special needs. Due to questions from readers and collaboration with others in the field, I would like to provide a document of application lists, websites, trainings/webinars, social media websites, search engines, and articles related to applications for children with special needs that I used while I was compiling my lists. I did not copy anything from any other websites, but there were a couple of times I quoted developer descriptions from iTunes and placed them in quotations. When developing the lists, I spent time after school and on the weekends to compile the lists and used multiple resources to help including the following:

  • Attended an Apple training through my public school
  • Attended a Super Duper Publications webinar about applications
  • Read Application Lists created by others and compared/contrasted them against my own to make sure I had all of the apps I needed on my lists
  • Browsed websites of other speech-language pathologists/therapists who used applications
  • Browsed company websites every few weeks to make sure I had all of their applications, including new ones, on my lists
  • Discussed applications on Forums and Facebook groups to learn other speech-language pathologists' experiences with apps
  • Followed companies that developed applications on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Followed speech-language pathologists on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Entered to win applications on Facebook websites and Rafflecopter giveaways to test and review
  • Read newspaper/website articles and watched YouTube videos about applications
  • Collaborated with other professionals in the field by discussing applications
  • Used search engines, including the one within the iTunes software, to type in key-words to find speech applications
Put this all together over the course of 6 months and you come out with a giant, 82-page application list! If you are interested in hearing the story of how I got started creating these application lists or grab the document with all of my resources (8-10 pages of websites, application lists created by others, app-related social media accounts, etc.) please continue to read on. The document will be attached at the end of the post.

When I first started to learn about how to use the iPad in therapy, I did not have an iPad. In fact, for the majority of the time in which I was working on my application lists, I did not own an iPad. This made it more difficult to write descriptions for the applications. Therefore, I left this task off until last. More on this later...

At the beginning of this school year, one of the special education teachers at my school had received a grant for 10 iPads to use with her students. She had gone to multiple trainings prior and decided to bring an Apple employee to our school to train all of the special education staff about how to use iPads as well as applications for children with special needs. It was a 2-day training, and afterwards, none of us ended up with iPads. Through other grants, many of our special education staff received iPads. No such luck for me, but I used the opportunity to ask them questions as I started to compile my list. Next, our school announced that they were starting a 1 to 1 iPad initiative with the 4th graders/4th grade teachers in April. So, I had the iPad on the brain. All I could think about was how to get an iPad, different applications to place on my list, and how to collaborate with my colleagues without this tool.

Finally, the iPad 3 was coming out in March and my mom wanted one with 3G. So, I bought her iPad 2 with WiFi immediately, and we drove over to Best Buy to get the new iPad 3 for her. Ever since, I have been researching away and using applications with my students in speech-language therapy (and they love it!).

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I released my first lists in March for Articulation apps and Hearing/Fluency/Voice/Swallowing apps. Finally, after 6 months of research, I finished my 82-page application list for Social Skills/Autism apps. The image above shows the written checklists/application list printouts to show how many apps I went through to compile this list (don't worry, I'll recycle) and how I used two computers at a time to research apps. Due to all of the questions I have received about how I was able to compile this list as well as my resources behind the list, I would like to share other websites/app lists with you in hopes that you will find them helpful. It is attached below. Please feel free to e-mail me or comment with additional resources as I am still creating more application lists in the future, and would love to see them! Thanks for all of the positive feedback and feel free to keep sharing!



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