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Last week, I received an awesome hand-written note in the mail from Poorani Doonan, the creator of Speech With Milo apps! In the envelope I received 10 cute little Milo stickers!

Speech With Milo stickers

I cannot wait to share these stickers with my students! Therefore, as a thank you for these adorable stickers, I want to share the first app review I ever wrote, which was for the application: Speech With Milo - Adjectives. Check out my review below.

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Lovable little Milo the mouse is at it again in a new app for the iPod and iPad! He has taught children in English and in Spanish various verbs and prepositions. In this new app, Milo teaches children adjectives!

Speech With Milo - Adjectives is very similar to the other Speech With Milo applications. It uses the same character, Milo the mouse, and has him perform various actions when touched. The actions that Milo performs incorporate adjectives each time he is tapped. Like the last applications, the word is written below Milo and is stated aloud as he performs the action related to the adjective. Once the action has been completed, Milo says "ta-da!" and the student can choose to click "phrase" to hear the adjective in a phrase or click "next" to go to the next adjective. Then, tap on Milo again or he will sit there impatiently looking at his watch and tapping his foot.

This application is targeted for children between the ages of 2 and 10. In the settings menu, you can turn on and off the background music, the text that states the adjective, and the verbal statement of the adjective. This is great for students due to the fact that the background music can be distracting and that you can adjust the text/words read based on your objective. For younger students who are just learning the words, it is good to have the word read aloud and the text so that they can hear the new word and learn the spelling. For older students who can read, they do not need the sound of the word being read aloud each time there is a new word. In addition, older students may be able to state their own phrase and then play the phrase afterward to compare the two.

There are 55 different adjectives included in the application ranging from emotions to visual describing words to actions and sounds. There is a list at the beginning of the application that you can view or select which adjectives to focus on. Each time you start the application, it will start at the beginning of the list unless you select the "show in random order" tab. You can also select all or deselect all to make it easier to pick and choose the adjectives you want to focus on.

Speech With Milo - Adjectives does a lot of the thinking for you when it comes to how to use the application in therapy. There is a list of suggested therapy ideas both on the instructions page of the app as well as on their website! I would definitely recommend reading those suggestions, or at least for the adult assisting the students in learning adjectives to think about how to adapt the program for his or her children. For example, the application does not outright state that each word is an adjective and what/who it describes. The teacher must check for that understanding with each student and teach it him or her.

This application is useful for speech-language pathologists as well as parents and elementary school teachers to teach their students about some of the basic, commonly-used adjectives. The controls to be able to adapt it for each child's level of reading/vocabulary are great. However, the app gets a bit repetitive after a while, especially if you have used the other Speech With Milo applications. This formula can be a good thing for students who have do better with routines or if you do not want to waste much time teaching a child how to use different apps.

One function that I would like to see for future Speech With Milo applications is the ability to record the phrase for what Milo is doing, and then compare it to the spoken phrase on the application. I have found this to be great feedback and motivation for my students on other applications. This is not to say that Speech With Milo does not motivate students, in fact, the children love the animations and cannot wait to see what Milo will do next! In addition, the application offers a break for the students every so often to feed Milo some cheese by dragging it to his mouth and watching him dance!

The application's instructions page may state that this app is targeted for ages 2-10, however, I am not sure if 10 year old children would still be enthralled with the simplicity and cuteness of the application. In addition, there are not many higher-level adjectives. Basically, before using this application, you must think of how you are going to use it with each child user. Overall, it is a cute application to start children off with when they are first learning adjectives!


My speech students, especially my Kindergarteners, love Milo! Thanks for developing this great app and thanks for the stickers, Poorani Doonan! I can't wait to see what other apps you have in store for us in the future!


This application is available for both the iPod and iPad for $2.99!

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Consonantly Speaking purchased their own copy of this application. The stickers were sent to Consonantly Speaking without asking for them to write a review. No other form of compensation was given.


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