What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? Worksheet

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? Worksheet image
Last week an idea came to me at dinner - I wanted to know what better hearing and speech meant to my students. Immediately when I got home, I threw together a document for my students to answer that question through coloring and writing. Then, I posted their drawings and sentences outside my classroom so everyone could see what we do in speech! Here is what the entrance to my office looks like:

BHSM Office Entrance image

Here is a preview of the document:

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I posted the document at the end of the post, so feel free to use it with your students! In addition, click "Read More" to see my students' awesome art!

Here are my students' answers to the question "What does better hearing and speech mean to you?"

BHSM Image 1

Image 1: "Speech is fun because we play with the iPad"; Image 2: When I first went to speech, I was nervous and I like speech."; Image 3: "I like to get a prize. I do a good job."; Image 4: "I like to play games. Fun games about categories and I like to get prize[s] and I like to get candy."

BHSM Image 2

Image 1: "I like to play soccer. It's my 's' sound."; Image 2: "I practice my 's' sound."; Image 3: "I like when we play speech games. I learned to do my 's' sound and I like to pay speech games on the iPad."; Image 4: "In speech I like [Toca Hair Salon] on the iPad. I work on the 's' sound."

BHSM Image 3

Image 1: "I practice clear talking in speech."; Image 2: "I learn verbs and I [like] speech class."; Image 3: "I'm done with speech!"; Image 4: "I solve things like in sentences. I love speech."

BHSM Image 4

Image 1: "I like speech because it help[s] me with the 'sh' and 'th'."; Image 2: "I work on my 's' sound."; Image 3: "In speech my favorite game is on the iPad. My favorite game on the iPad is Toca Hair Salon. That is my favorite game."; Image 4: "We play speech games on [our] iPads."

BHSM Image 5

(Sorry about the image quality on these photos...)

Image 1: "We play speech games on the iPad."; Image 2: "I like speech because you get candy and prizes and Ms. Chase is the best speech teacher."; Image 3: "My [favorite] game is Head Bandz."; Image 4: "If we have free time with iPad."

This activity was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again next year! My students were very creative, drew great images, and wrote what they work on in speech! I'm going to be sad to take the pictures down when summer comes!



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