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ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Apps/Action Words (Verbs) - Speech With Milo: Verbs App Review image
I have been waiting by my mailbox recently because I knew my cute little Milo was coming and he is now here! Poorani Doonan sent me a Milo plushie in the mail and he is super cute (just like in the apps!).

Milo the mouse

As a thank you for an adorable mouse of my own, I am writing a review of her application, Speech With Milo: Verbs, and how to use the Milo plushie with the application. Read on for my review and fun pictures of Milo in action!

ABCs 4 SLPs Speech With Milo Verbs icon

Main Page

The main page of the application has buttons for instructions for therapists and parents, the list of actions, settings, and the "Go" button to begin application play.

Speech With Milo Verbs Menu

Therapist and Parent Instructions

These scroll down lists discuss how the application works as well as how to use the application in therapy or at home.

Speech With Milo Verbs Therapist Instructions

Speech With Milo Parent Instructions

Here is a video of how to use the application from YouTube:


List of Actions

The list of actions shows all of the actions in which Milo can perform in a scrolling list. You can choose which actions to use by selecting pressing on the text of each verb. A check mark will appear next to the verbs selected to use in application play. To select all of the verbs, press "Activate All" and to deselect the verbs so it is easier to choose which ones you would like to use, press "Deselect All". In addition, there is a toggle switch in the upper right hand corner that will allow you to choose if you would like verbs to be played in a random order or not by sliding it to the right for "On" and left for "Off".

Speech With Milo List of Actions


The "Settings" menu allows you to tweak audio and written settings. You can turn background music, spoken words, and written words on and off via three different toggle switches.

Speech With Milo Settings

In addition to settings, you can also learn about the developer of Speech With Milo applications, sign up for the Speech With Milo newsletter, share the application with a friend, or send feedback on the application via e-mail. Make sure that, if you wish to e-mail or share Speech With Milo, you have your e-mail set up through the "Mail" application on your iPod Touch/iPad.

Application Play

Once you choose which verbs you would like the child to learn, press the "Go" button on the main page of the application. Milo the mouse will appear on the screen with a delightful background. At first, he awaits the user to press him, looking at his watch and tapping his foot.

Speech With Milo Waiting

Milo will perform various actions when touched. Like the other Speech With Milo applications, the word is written below Milo (if the setting is on) and is stated aloud (also, if this setting is on) as he performs an action. Once the action has been completed, Milo says "ta-da!". The student can choose to click "phrase" to hear the verb in a phrase or press "next" to go to the next adjective. Phrases will be presented as "Milo is + verb + ing". A noun or prepositional phrase will also be added to the end of each phrase. Actions can also be re-shown by pressing on Milo again prior to tapping the next button. Then, tap on Milo again or he will sit there impatiently looking at his watch and tapping his foot. Actions will take place in order unless you have selected them to appear in random order on the "Settings" menu.

Speech With Milo Scoop Action

In addition, after a certain number of trials, the user is given a break from watching Milo perform various actions with a fun screen where he or she can feed Milo and watch him dance. After this break, you can continue to play the application and view more actions with Milo.

Speech With Milo Break

This application is targeted for children between the ages of 2 and 10. There are 100+ different verbs included in the application ranging from reading to kicking. This application is useful for speech-language pathologists as well as parents and elementary school teachers to teach their students about some of the basic, commonly-used verbs. This application can also be used to practice verbs at home.

What I Like About This Application:

  • The controls to be able to adapt it for each child's level of reading/vocabulary are great.
  • The visuals, animation, and audio are helpful for students to learn verbs in a multi-sensory way.
  • The application can get repetitive after a while, but that can also be a good thing for students who need familiar phrases/routines.
  • Phrases in the application help students learn appropriate sentence structure.
  • Milo is adorable and motivating for young students!
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • One function that I would like to see for future Speech With Milo applications is the ability to record the phrase for what Milo is doing, and then compare it to the spoken phrase on the application.
  • Cloze sentences for elementary students would be great to have as well so that they can learn sentence structure and verbs.
Therapy Uses:

  • Expressive Language: This application is great to help students learn sentence structure, especially S + is + V + ing sentences. You can add on prepositional phrases or other words to expand sentences. Another way you can work on verbs is after Milo says "ta-da", ask your student what Milo did so that he or she can answer in past tense verb form. Also, students can make up their own sentence(s) using the action word provided. Finally, have the students write a phrase or sentence to match Milo's actions. They can even create a story of what Milo will do next.
  • Receptive Language: Students will learn various verbs by using this application. To have a student name an action, turn off the audio and text to ask him or her what action Milo is doing. This also can work on the "wh" question "what".
  • Articulation/Fluency/Voice: Have students repeat the phrase given for the action in their best voice, using appropriate speech sounds, or by using fluency strategies.
  • Using the Milo plushie: Use the Milo plushie with the application to have students imitate actions in which Milo is doing. I have taken some pictures of how to use the Milo plushie to perform various actions related to actions on the application. A YouTube video of how to use the plushie is shown below as well.
Milo is Calling

Milo is Driving

Milo is Cutting

Milo is Eating

Milo is Reading

Milo is Writing


This application is available for the iPod and iPad for $2.99. The Milo plushie is available on the Speech With Milo website store for $9.99 (plus shipping/handling).

Yapp Guru:

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Consonantly Speaking was given a Milo plushie by the developer. No other form of compensation was given.


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