ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Apps/Articulation/Apraxia of Speech - Articulation, Phonology, and Apraxia of Speech Application Features Comparison List

ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Apps/Articulation/Apraxia of Speech - Articulation, Phonology, and Apraxia of Speech Application Features Comparison List image
Once I purchased my iPad, I spent a lot of time evaluating articulation, phonology, and apraxia of speech applications to decide which applications would best help my students in therapy. After I purchased some of the applications and had others donated, I felt that I had enough experience with articulation/apraxia of speech applications that I could compile an application features list to compare these applications to each other. This way, others would be able to decide which application(s) to purchase. With limited budgets and so many applications to choose from, I hope this application list helps you. Continue reading for the policies on how this list may be used as well as the list itself!

ABCs 4 SLPs Articulation, Phonology, Apraxia of Speech Application Features Comparison List

This list is categorizes applications by Articulation, Phonology/Minimal Pairs, and Apraxia of Speech applications. In addition, within each category the application name, price, devices it can be found on (iPod, iPad, Android, and Nook), and features of the application are included. Some of the features presented on the list include whether or not data can be taken (whether it is able to be e-mailed or not) on the application, different phonological processes the application addresses, if you can record your own voice on the application, levels of articulation practice (phoneme, syllable, word, phrase, sentence, reading, spontaneous speech, etc.), and more.

I do not own all of the applications on this list. I own many of them, but would love to be able to compare the remainder. If you are an application developer of an articulation application for the iPad, I would love to write a review and more accurately describe your application on this list/other lists to my readers in exchange for an application code (I do not have funds to purchase any more applications myself for a while). Feel free to contact me at:

As usual, feel free to download and use this resource. Feel free to pass on the link to my website. You do not have permission to alter my document, claim it as your own, mass produce it, or sell it for profit.

I have worked for months on this list in my spare time after school and during the summer, so if you feel that it has been helpful, I there is a Paypal button at the bottom of this post and on the right side of the website if you would like to donate a dollar or two. It would really mean a lot to me and help with the upkeep of this website.

I hope that this document is helpful to you! I have uploaded it in PDF format at the end of this post. To save the document to your computer, you can click on the link at the end of the post and it should bring up a window asking you where you want to save it to (or it may just open the file and you will have to click the "save" button in Adobe). You must have Adobe Reader or Google Chrome to view this document.

Feel free to comment with any other applications that I missed, features that I incorrectly marked, or comment as to whether or not this will help you choose appropriate applications for speech-language therapy! I hope this helps you find new applications and decide which applications to purchase!



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