ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Articulation - Making Articulation Fun With Fun Decks and Toy Cars

ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Articulation - Making Articulation Fun With Fun Decks and Toy Cars image
Before I move on to the letter "B", I need to throw in another post about making articulation drill fun with Super Duper Fun Decks! After all, that's how a lot of my posts on this website began! Today's way to make articulation fun is to combine the Super Duper Fun Deck cards with toy cars!

ABCs 4 SLPs Making Articulation Fun

A lot of my students enjoy using cars during therapy or free time. Sometimes we use a ramp, sometimes they roll them across the table, and other times they control the car with their hands to move through an obstacle course. Here is an idea of how to use cars in therapy with Super Duper's Artic Photos Fun Decks!

First, spread out as many cards as you would like from a Fun Deck face down on the table depending on the sound(s) each student is working on. You can use more than one Fun Deck as they are color coded as well as show the phoneme on the top of each card.

Articulation With Cars

Then, either have students let cars go down the ramp or have them push their car towards the cards. Whichever card the car lands on (or the one closest to the car) is the card in which the student will have to pick up and state aloud (or make up a sentence about). After that, have the student head back to where they started to let the car go again. If you want more trials, you can have the student say each word 3+ times.

Articulation With Cars 2

Toy cars can be found in sets at the Dollar Store and Super Duper Fun Decks can be found on Super Duper Publications' website -

I can't wait to share more ideas of how to use Fun Decks in the future!


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