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There are many visual timers on the iTunes store, but only one is based on the Time Timer product! Time Timer is an easy to use visual timer for students who have difficulty understanding the passage of time, those who have not learned how to tell time, children on the autism spectrum or anxiety disorders, and teachers who want to display a timer for a classroom activity. Recently, I was interviewed by Time Timer on their blog about how I use the Time Timer application in speech-language therapy sessions as well as what I work on with children on the autism spectrum. You can read the interview here.

Time Timer has given me an application code to give away on this blog! Continue reading for my complete review of the Time Timer application as well as to enter the giveaway.

Time Timer app icon

My Timers Screen

On the main page (My Timers Screen) you can add a new timer by pressing the "+" button at the top right hand side of the My Timers page or by pressing the "+ ADD TIMER" button at the bottom of the screen. You can add up to four timers at a time. To edit a timer once you have a timer on the page, select the timer you would like to edit, then press the "Edit" button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Finally, to delete a timer, slide your finger from right to left over the timer of your choice and three options will appear. It will show whether or not the timer is selected/deselected, you can access settings for the timer, or remove the timer.

Time Timer My Timers Screen

Settings Page (iPod touch/iPhone only)

Pressing the gear button at the top left hand side of the page will display the settings page. The only setting so far is whether or not you would like the timers in "Awake Mode" via a toggle on/off button. If it is in Awake Mode, Auto-Lock will be disabled while running timers. This option does use more battery.


Pressing the "?" button on the iPod Touch/iPhone version will bring you to the Help page. On the iPad version of the application, press the "Help" button on the left hand side of the My Timers page. This will run you through how to use the application with visuals directly from the app. To scroll down on the page on the iPod Touch/iPhone version of the application, drag your finger from the bottom of the page to the top and vice versa. This page also includes Time Timer's company support website and phone number as well as their Facebook page for support. On the iPad version, select the various tabs at the top of the screen to see the application's different features. A great resource on the iPad version of the application shows how the Time Timer can be used.


To begin creating a timer, first type in its name label by pressing the blank space in the Timer Name box. Then, choose how much time you would like the timer to run for. There are three options: Original/Minutes (up to 60 minutes in length), Custom, or Clock. If you choose the Original/Minutes mode, when you set the duration, you can choose to either set the timer by touch or using the picker on the iPod Touch/iPhone application or set by touch or via a minute wheel on the iPad application. Otherwise, the other two timer modes can be set by three wheels for the number of hours, minutes, and seconds up to twelve hours. Finally, you can choose the number of plays up to 16.

Time Timer settings

On the iPod Touch/iPhone, press the Options button at the bottom of the screen for more options. On the iPad, these options are already shown on the right hand side of the Add Timer page. Here, you can choose the settings for display, audio, and vibration. Turn on and off the analog time display via the toggle switch. You can also toggle on and off the settings for vibration and audible signal. The iPad does not have a vibration option. If you choose to have the alarm make a sound, you must also choose the tone that it makes upon completion. These sounds range from beeps to applause to a dog barking. Finally, you can change the color of the timer to blue, green, red, or yellow.

On the iPod Touch/iPhone version of the app, once you have completed choosing all of the settings for your timer, you can preview it by selecting the preview button at the bottom of the page. If you want to go back and change a setting, you can press one of the other buttons to tweak the settings until you feel the timer is appropriate. Finally, press the "Save" button at the top right hand side of the page and the timer will be placed on your "My Timers" page.

Timer Play/Timer View

To play one or more timers, select the timers on the My Timers page to be played. You can select up to four timers to play and show on the screen simultaneously. When you press on the image of a timer, a check mark will appear over the timers selected. Then, press the "Play" button (triangle pointing to the right) and then the "Start All" button. You can edit the screen as to the timers to be shown by pressing the "Edit" button and then deselecting or deleting the timers you want removed from the view screen. In addition, you can go from this application to another and the Time Timer will display a notification when a timer has been completed! If your device goes into sleep mode, or you turn off the screen, do not fret! Your screen will light up with a notification and sound/vibration (if chosen) once the timer is complete! You can also reset the timers by pressing the "Reset Timers" button. On the Timer View page on the iPad, you can also play, reset, and adjust settings by pressing the appropriate button right underneath each timer.

Time Timer iPod Touch iPhone application

Time Timer iPad application

What I Like About This Application:

  • This application is perfect for children who have not learned how to tell time yet, have difficulty telling time, have anxiety about time, or anyone who prefers a visual timer.
  • The application is portable and available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. If you prefer the computer software to display on a big screen, you can purchase the software. If you would like a product version to set on a table or desk, there are three different versions to choose from as well. That is what is so great about this product, there are many different ways to display it.
  • Setting up the timers is easy to do for adults and children. In addition, you can have up to four timers running at once and label timers for specific tasks.
  • I like the fact that you can have notifications of the timer being done through audio, visual, and tactile senses. This can assist many different types of people who prefer notifications different ways.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • I am not sure how to use Auto-Lock with the iPad version so that it does not disappear on the screen when the iPad goes into sleep mode other than to go into the settings. The iPod Touch/iPhone version allows you to do this through the application.
Therapy Uses:

  • Therapy Sessions - Show how much time is left in an speech-language activity or the entire speech session by setting the timer. You can set multiple timers for multiple activities.
  • Classroom - Show how much time is left in a class or an activity by setting the timer or multiple timers. Display it on the wall, at a childs' desk, or for all to see via a projector. This may also relieve test anxiety. Great for writing time, group-work, activities that require students to switch stations, gym activity time, time to complete a worksheet, and more! Teachers can also teach the concept of time with this application.
  • Articulation/Fluency/Voice - Have students read or speak for a certain amount of time by setting the timer.
  • Taking Turns - Set the timer for how long a child's turn to play with a toy, game, or object will be. When the timer is done, the child must pass the toy, game, or object to the next child.
  • Taking Conversational Turns/Remaining on Topic - Set the timer to repeat multiple times to work on reminding adolescent and adult clients to limit their conversational turn time as well as to take conversational turns. Also, you can set a timer to have a client remain on topic for the amount of time set.
  • Categorization - Set the timer to a certain amount of minutes for a student to come up with as many items in a certain category that he or she can.
  • Game/TV/Computer/Fun Time - Set a timer for how long a child is allowed to play a video game, watch television, go on the computer, or have fun time before they must get back to work. When the timer is done, they must go back to work.
  • Break Time - If a child is feeling anxious, upset, angry, frustrated, or being unsafe, have the child take a break. Set the timer so that the child knows how much time is left in their break. Have them calm down by sitting in a safe/calm place, taking deep breaths, taking a walk, getting a drink of water, having a snack, or doing a calming activity.
  • Activities of Daily Living/Routines - For children who are younger, set a timer for the child to get ready in the morning, go to bed, complete a chore, or complete an everyday task. For adolescents and adults, set a timer for preparing a meal, remembering to complete a task, remembering to go to an event or take medication, and or other everyday tasks.
  • Transition Time - Show the time until the next transition so via the application so that students who have anxiety during transition times. This way they will be aware of and be able to visualize when a transition is coming. You can even label the timers to show which transition is next. Also, be sure to remind the child to look at the timer when it is close to being completed.
  • Remaining on Task - Have a child remain on task for the amount of time set on the timer. You can also use this with adolescents and adults to remain on task as well.
  • Alarm for People who are Hard of Hearing/Deaf - Due to the fact that the iPod Touch/iPhone version has a vibrating function, this is ideal for people who are hard of hearing/Deaf. In addition, the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad versions all have visuals as well and will display a notification on the screen when the timer is done. People who are hard of hearing or Deaf cannot hear the sound of an alarm and therefore need a visual or tactile version of an alarm.
  • Speeches/Debates - Use the visual timer to show the time left in a speech or a debate turn.
The Time Timer website has a lot of great ideas for how to use their product. They also have a YouTube video showing how to use it as well and you can view it below:


The iPod Touch/iPhone version of the application costs $3.99. The iPad version of the application is available for $6.99. Physical Time Timer products are available on their website. The 3" Time Timer is $30, the 8" version is $35, and the 12" is $40. Time Timer software is available for $24. You can buy multiple Time Timers for your school on their webpage as well as puzzles and accessories for teaching time.

Time Timer applications

Time Timer products


Consonantly Speaking was interviewed on Time Timer's blog on July 3rd, 2012 in regards to her Applications for Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder list. Consonantly Speaking was also given an application code to give away with this review on this website. No other form of compensation was given.

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