ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - The Grumble Noise Review and Gift Card Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - The Grumble Noise Review and Gift Card Giveaway image
Erik X. Raj, speech-language pathologist and author, has written another great book application available for the iPad! This time, the story ventures into the world of a young goy's imagination at bedtime. Erik describes his new application as one for bedtime rituals, and I couldn't agree more! Based on his childhood with an awesome imagination that his grandmother helped create, this app is a must-have for children who are anxious at bedtime about monsters in their closets! Continue reading for my review of The Grumble Noise and an iTunes gift card giveaway from the author at the end!

ABCs 4 SLPs The Grumble Noise

The Grumble Noise begins by setting the mood of the application with suspenseful music. There is an image of a child grasping his pillow tightly in fear. You can choose to read the book aloud or have it read by the author himself. Clicking the "i" button will bring you to the information page about the application's author, illustrator, programmer, and website.

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This story is about a young boy and his brother who are sleeping soundly in their bunk beds. The boy in the story is awakened by a "grumble noise", to which he cannot determine where it is coming from or what is making it. This is when his imagination takes over. He thinks about what could be making the sound - could it be a man-eating, fire-breathing dragon? Or maybe a man-eating fire-breathing lion? The boy begins to try to wake up his brother to see if he is alright, but without luck. Finally, he works up the courage to climb down from the top bunk to discover that it was his brother's stomach, and there was nothing to worry about!

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The artwork is phenomenal and the interactivity of the application makes it motivating and fun to read! The color scheme of the perfect for nighttime and the text is easily readable on the dark background. I especially love the ending, including the creative "The End" hiding behind a cookie that you have to eat to see. Finally, the expressions on the characters faces match their emotions perfectly.

Therapy Uses:

  • Articulation/Voice/Fluency - Have the child read the story aloud without the author's narration to practice his or her speech sounds, fluency, or vocal strategies.
  • Expressive Language - Have children state out loud or write a story about one of the monsters the boy imagined or about a time when they were scared of a monster in their bedroom. You can also have them talk about a time when they felt brave or their favorite midnight snacks.
  • Inferring - Have children try to infer what the "grumble noise" could actually be before turning the page that shows what it really is.
  • Emotions - Children who are working on emotions can look at the facial expression, body language, and listen to the thoughts of the young boy to determine how he is feeling. Then, they can state a time when they felt scared, nervous, or brave.

The Grumble Noise is free on iTunes for a limited time! With the gorgeous artwork, entertaining narration, and fun-filled interactivity of application, how could you not download it?


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