ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Shoe the Goose Doodle Application Reviews and Giveaways

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Shoe the Goose Doodle Application Reviews and Giveaways image
The next application I am reviewing is great for creativity, pretend play, and following directions. It was also recently featured on Autism TV Today as a part of their first television segment (which you can view online here - Children will have fun while decorating cookies, cakes, shoes, t-shirts - you name it! Continue reading for my review of all of the Shoe the Goose applications and giveaways for each!

ABCs 4 SLPs Shoe the Goose

Similar Application Play

Doodle Ingredients

Each of the applications is different in its own way, but there are many factors that are the same. For instance, the settings generally include the ability to create a new image, e-mail the image, save the photo ni your photo album, view photos, edit settings, see an about page for how to use the application and developer information, and a help button to help you learn to use the application itself. Many of the baking applications allow you to use "Instant" mix or a "Recipe". If you choose "Instant", you will have less directions to follow. If you choose "Recipe", you will be asked to follow a recipe on the side of the page and drag different ingredients into a bowl. Then, you will be asked to crack the egg, cut the butter, tip the iPad to pour (etc.), stir the batter, pour the batter, roll the batter, cut the batter, bake the batter, and then decorate it. Most allow you to decorate using colors of frosting, change the brush type/stroke, and add candy to them. You can pretend to eat the different foods by pressing the "Eat" button.

Doodle Toppings

Shoe Doodle

Select a shoe style, then change the bottom, front, back, or lacing of the shoe. Finally, decorate it by pressing the "Decorate" button and pressing the paint bucket to choose a color or texture. You can also change the brush type/size of the brush stroke, add text, and add jazz (jewels). You can undo any activity by pressing the arrow key. When you are done, press the "Games" button to move on. You can either play "Find Your Shoe" or "Puzzle". "Find Your Shoe" is like "I Spy" or "Where's Waldo", except you are looking for the shoe you just created and it is timed.

Shoe Doodle

Shoe Puzzle

Caboodle Doodle

First, select the canvas texture from 6 different options. Then, select the canvas color. You can paint the canvas with different colors from the paint bucket button and choose between different brush styles by pressing the "Brush" button. If you would like, you cna use stencils to color the inside or outside of the stencil. Finaly, you can add images via the jazz button or use ones pre-installed.

Caboodle Doodle

Donut Doodle

First, select one of the 6 donut types or a variety box to begin. If you select the variety box, you will not have to bake, roll, or cut them, just decorate them. Pressing the "Rack" button and pressing to choose another donut to decorate will cause it to appear. Choosing a donut type will bring you to a screen to choose to follow a recipe or an instant mix. Once you have completed following directions to make the donuts, you can decorate them with frosting, candy, and toppings.

Donut Doodle

Tie Dye Doodle

First, select the type of shirt to dye between 6 shirts. Next, select a tie dye fold, then press the "Fold" button and follow the directions. After that, add small, medium, or large rubber bands. Finally, press the "Add Dye" button and choose the color(s) to dye with. Press and hold to add light or dark dye. Press "Preview" to see your t-shirt and if you like it, press the decorate button. If not, press the "More Dye" button. You can add text or applique to the shirt. Finally, press the "Wear" button to see it on a person. You can edit the person's hair and facial features by pressing "Edit". Finally, press the "Closet" button to add the shirt to your closet or select a previously made shirt to dress the person with.

Tie Dye Doodle

Cake Doodle

Select the type of cake you would like to have. Then, follow the instructions on the recipe. Finally, choose a type of layered or non-layered cake, or create your own cake up to 10 tiers, and decorate it with frosting, different frosting tips, text, and toppers.

Cake Doodle

Cookie Doodle

Select the type of cookie you would like to make, then follow the directions of the recipe or instant. Next, select a cookie cutter. Finally, after it has baked, decorate it with frosting, different frosting tips, text, sprinkles, and candies. You can add it to your cookie jar to play with later or play a puzzle of your cookie.

Cookie Doodle Cookie Dough

Jelly Doodle

Choose the mold for the jelly. Then, select the type of jelly to fill it with and doodads to put inside. Demold and you're ready to decorate some more with toppings, influence its behavior (gravity and elasticity), pump it up to explode it, or slurp it up!

Jelly Doodle Eat

Candy Doodle

Choose the type of candy to make. Then, follow the instructions on the recipe. there may be some other techniques you need to do to make the candy (wait for the water to boil, wait for the candy to harden, put the candy in the fridge, etc.) Then, decorate the candy with cream, text, and toppings. You can add it to your candy jar to play with later as well.

Candy Doodle

Icebox Doodle

Choose the type of ice-cream/frozen treat to make. Then, select the flavor. Follow the directions. Then, put the treat into the freezer. Finally, top the treat with cream, coating, toppings, and text.

Ice Box Doodle

Chow Chat

This is the only Shoe the Goose application that is not about doodling! Chow Chat is all about starting discussions around the dinner table! It asks questions for children to answer. You can filter by rating and category and even add your own questions. There are 366 cards total with 200 fun facts, 83 famous quotes, and 83 proverbs included.

What I Like About These Applications:

  • Some of the applications have students work on following directions from a recipe.
  • Each student can make a different type of food or clothing to share!
  • Animations and sounds are similar to the real thing!
  • There are so many different toppings, decorations, flavors, designs, and more to choose from.
  • These applications promote pretend play and creativity.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • Some of the text on the recipes and toppings are hard to read. I would like to have a way, such as by a setting, to enlarge the text for those who have vision impairments.
  • It would be nice for those with fine motor difficulties to have a setting you can turn on and off (because some of these students can actually work on fine motor via the app, so I don't want to change it completely) where different ingredients can be added instantly.
  • I would love it if children could save to a library/cookie jar/closet/etc. on every application and if it gets too full, they could delete an individual item.
Therapy Use:

  • Receptive Language - Talk about the different measurements, vocabulary, toppings, styles, flavors, action words, etc. to make the recipes/clothing. Have students compare and contrast different flavors, toppings, and recipes or each others' creations. Talk about the sequence of making the recipe.
  • Following Directions - Have children follow the directions of the application by following the recipe and performing the different actions. You can also have them follow directions you state by telling them how to decorate the cookies.
  • Expressive Language - Have children talk about their designs with each other. They can talk about how they designed their creations, what they did (past tense) in order, etc. Children can even write advertisements or stories about their designs/cookies.
  • Social Communication - Children can talk about their favorite designs/foods, if they have made tie dye or cookies at home, compliment each other's creations, talk about where they get their clothes/food from, etc. With the Chow Chat application, they can answer questions based on what comes up on the screen.
  • Life Skills - Children and adolescents can learn life skills about how to cook through the use of these applications. You can also cook some recipes along with the apps (Note: I am not sure if any of these recipes are accurate, so be sure to find your own!)
  • Fine Motor - These applications have you pinch, turn, paint with one finger, and more which involve fine motor tasks with your fingers.

All of the doodle applications by Shoe the Goose are $0.99 at the time of this review.


Consonantly Speaking was given each of the doodle and Chow Chat applications to give away with this review. No other form of compensation was given.


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