Consonantly Excited for Consonantly Zombies! (A Game For You To Play)

Consonantly Excited for Consonantly Zombies! (A Game For You To Play) image
I'm not sure if I posted this on my "About" page, but the whole reason that this website is able to exist is because of my boyfriend. I sketched out what I wanted it to look like and he made it a reality. He programmed the whole thing and helps me constantly update it.

I debated on sharing this personal information with readers, but since part of it has to do with the website, I can't help but share it. Yesterday he proposed to me (I said yes of course)! As part of his proposal, he created a game for me called "Consonantly Zombies" (loosely based on Plants Vs. Zombies)! You can click to play the game at the end of this post!

Consonantly Zombies Image 1

Above is the starting screen.

Consonantly Zombies Image 3

There are the vowels and J for Jessica!

Consonantly Zombies Image 4

Here I am protecting the vowels by shooting pellets at the zombie consonants!

Consonantly Zombies Image 5

The zombies are coming!

Consonantly Zombies Image 6

Oh no! The "A" got bit!

Consonantly Zombies Image 7

Oh no!

Consonantly Zombies Image 8

Game Over!

This was only a part of his proposal, he really went all out! It took him an hour to propose but it was well worth it! There were flowers, photos, a painting of us, a custom made deck of cards, Legos - everything I could dream of!

The Ring

The ring! :)

Click here to play the game my fiance created for me - Consonantly Zombies!

(Doesn't work as well in Internet Explorer, better on Chrome and Firefox)

(No swearing/kid-friendly)

Use it to teach about letter recognition if you wish! Or just have fun playing!


Press space bar to shoot pellets at the consonants.

Use the up and down arrow to move between rows.

Darkened consonants are faster and take more than one pellet square to make them disappear.

If a zombie consonant reaches a vowel it will first turn red, then disappear, and then if a consonant makes it through or all the vowels disappear, it will be game over.

If the letter J gets hit by any consonant, it will jiggle. If it gets hit 2-3 times, it will be game over.

Eventually there will be so many letters that it causes the game to lock up a bit. So basically eventually you lose because it goes on and on and on.


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