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i Get It, LLC has a great line nineteen social skills related applications, from visual schedules to social stories to information about community members. You can even upload your own photos into the applications to personalize them for the user! Continue reading for my review and giveaway of three of i Get It LLC's applications: i Get People in My Community, All About Me Storybook, and i Create Social Skills Stories.

ABCs 4 SLPs I Get It LLC Apps

Choose User

Before beginning an application, a user must be added to choose who will use the application. Press the "Add User" button to create a new user. Then, add the child's first and last name, as well as a photo if you would like, and press "Done". The child's profile will then appear on the "Choose User" list.


Press the button with the gears on it to access the Settings and About menu. You can choose the tap action to play a sound or toggle a check mark. Other options include rating the application in iTunes, a tutorial, view more apps by i Get It LLC, e-mail a friend to recommend the app, e-mail the developer with feedback or help, visit the developer's website, or follow the developer on Facebook/Twitter.


Pressing the "Edit" button on the Main Page will allow you to edit the user's profile. Pressing the word "Edit" in the pop-up list will allow you to move users within the list or delete them. Tapping on the user whose information you wish to edit will allow you to change their information.


The "Lock" button at the top of the application will allow you to set a user passcode to lock children out of editing.

Application Play

Press a user's profile to begin application play. Each application has similar features but focuses on different concepts. You can create different books/albums on each on of the applications:

  • i Get People in My Community and Community Helpers Photo Album Books - Once you select a user, you can view a pre-made community book, add to the "More Community" or "My Favorites" album, or add to "My Photos". This application is great for helping people learn about those who are community workers. Add a new book by pressing the "Add Book" button or edit a previously created book by pressing "Edit" and then choosing the book from the list. Create a title and choose an image for a new book, then press "Add Page" to choose the page picture, page title, page subtitle, to checkmark pages, hide pages, or record audio.
i Get People In My Community

i Get People In My Community Image 2

  • All About Me Storybook - After selecting a user, you will see twelve different categories of information that a user would want to learn/share about his or her family. Tap "Edit" and choose a chapter to add the user's photos and personal information. Press on the "Pages in Chapter" button to edit information for each page. You can enable chapter/page checkmarks or hide chapters/pages by pressing the toggle switch. To narrate a page, press the microphone button to record, "x" to stop, and play to playback audio. When reading the book, press "Read", then press the megaphone button to hear the narration and arrow buttons to navigate between pages.
All About Me Storybook

All About Me Storybook Image 2

All About Me Storybook My Name Is

  • i Create Social Skills Stories - There is one sample pre-installed book, Feeding Baxster, that you can read through. Otherwise, press "Add Book" to create your own social story. Then, choose the book picture and book title. Press the book to add more pages to it by pressing the "Add Page" button. Then, choose a page picture, title, subtitle, check mark, hide page, or record audio. Then, press "Done". Once the book has been completed, you can read through it by pressing "Read" and press the arrow keys to navigate between pages.
i Create Social Skills Stories

i Create Social Skills Stories Image 2

What I Like About These Applications:

  • The best part about these three applications is the fact that you can add your own real-life images to the social stories/albums.
  • You can record your own voice to go with the photos.
  • You can add text to each page to create a social story.
  • It is easy to add pages and images to a story.
  • You can add multiple stories/albums to a user's profile.
  • You can create stories/albums personalized to a user and add multiple users to each application.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • As always, I love having more pre-installed images available.
Therapy Use:

  • Social Skills - Use any of these applications to create social stories for how to interact with others in the community, how to discuss personal information and who to discuss it with, or any other topic for that matter! Add personalized photos, audio, and text to your social stories as well!
  • Articulation - Create an album of images of words with a students' speech sound in them. Add words, phrases, or sentences to the image and record audio if you would like for students to practice.
  • Expressive Language - Place images in a sequence and have students create a story for the pictures or vice versa.
  • Receptive Language - On the i Get People in My Community and Community Helpers application, discuss community workers, where they work, what they use for their jobs, what kind of vehicles they drive, who they help, etc. On the All About Me Storybook, discuss family members, characteristics of the child/each family member, pets, etc.

i Create...Social Skills Stories is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad for $4.99. i Get People in my Community and Community Helpers as well as the All About Me Storybook are also available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad but for $2.99.


Consonantly Speaking was given application codes to give away with this review. No other form of compensation was given.


Enter below for a giveaway of the three i Get It, LLC applications discussed in this review!


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