ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Social Stories Application Review and Giveaway

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There are lots of applications on the market that are great for creating social stories. Social Stories is one of these application with an easy to use interface and pre-installed images included! Continue reading for more information about Social Stories and your chance to win a copy of this application!

ABCs 4 SLPs Social Stories App

Main Page

This will show a list of stories previously created, a button to add a story, and a button to edit a previously created story. The application comes with three pre-installed pages - Getting on the Bus, Eating, and Putting on Shoes. These stories, however, only have one page each.

Social Stories Main Page

Add a Story

Press "Add" at the top of the page. This will bring you to another page which shows Tools, Pages, a Page Editor, and Photos.

Type in a story title by pressing in the white box below where it says "Story Title". Then, press the "+" button by the "Pages" title to add a page. Add a title for the page at the top of the screen. Then, add a photo by pressing the "Photos" button in the "Page Editor" menu. You can then choose to take a picture, choose a photo from the Camera Roll, or use pre-installed stock images. There are only eight stock images loaded on the application. Add text to a page by pressing in the white box within the blue box at the bottom of a page. Once you have completed a story, press the "Save" button at the top of the screen.

Editing a Previously Created Story

Press the "Edit" button and select the story to edit. The application will then be in "Edit" mode. You will be able to select any page and change the photos/text with it. Press "Save" once you are done editing. Press "Edit" again to exit "Edit" mode. You can also delete stories in "Edit" mode by pressing the red circle button, then pressing the delete button next to the story. The three lines on the right hand side of a story title will re-arrange the stories when pressed and dragged.

Reading a Story

Social Stories Putting on Shoes

Make sure you are not in "Edit" mode, then press on the story's title in which you would like to read. Press the blue arrows to advance through the story. A progress bar will appear to show how much of the story is left. The picture will be spread across the application page and the text will appear at the bottom.

What I Like About This Application:

  • The application makes it easy to create social stories and add images/text to them.
  • You can add multiple pages to a story.
  • You can save multiple stories to the application.
  • Use your own images for social stories to make them more personal!
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • To be honest, the title of this application is a bit misleading. While you can create social stories using this application, the pre-installed stories are not social stories themselves (they are only one page each). Social stories follow very specific guidelines, have a certain flow, use similar vocabulary throughout, and more. This application is more of a general story creator than a social story creator. It would be great for there to be information about social stories, how they are used, how they are created, and more on an information page on the application as well as the pre-installed example stories to be actual social stories.
  • There are only eight pre-installed stock images on the application. In addition, images that are pre-installed or from the Camera Roll end up blurry, pixelated, or distorted on the screen. It would be great for this to be fixed in an update. In addition, the button to choose a photo from the Camera Roll actually opens the Photo application to take a picture of yourself rather than the Photo Album.
  • The font is very small for students to read. I would like to see a larger font for the social story text.
  • Instead of the text on the side of the Story Editor stating "Page 1", "Page 2", etc., it would be great to have the text replaced with a page title.
Therapy Use:

  • Social Stories - Create social stories using the application. Take pictures of real-life, environmental images to use in the social story so that it is specific to the student.
  • Expressive Language - Have students create their own stories and add images along with the sentences on the application.
  • Receptive Language - Create a story about a concept for students to learn! Include images of the concept. Write a story and ask questions at the end of it for students to answer.
  • Articulation/Fluency/Voice - Create a story for students to read aloud with their speech sounds. Write a story and have students read it aloud using their best speech sounds, fluency strategies, or vocal strategies.

Social Stories is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad for $1.99.


Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of this application to give away along with this review. No other form of compensation was received.


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