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Over the past few months, I have fallen in love with the Wonkido characters. I have used all of the Wonkido applications with my students. They are incredibly helpful for step by step video/eBook directions on how to complete various social tasks/skills and daily activities. In addition, the Wonkido characters are light hearted, encouraging, and they also have a motivating theme song! Continue reading to learn more about the Wonkido applications and to win a copy of one of their applications!

ABCs 4 SLPs Wonkidos

The Wonkidos applications come in both eBook and animated video form. Some of the applications have both an eBook and an animated version while others have one or the other. eBooks can be read by pressing the arrow buttons to move between pages. To hear the characters speak, press the orange, numbered, speech buttons in number order. Then, the text will be highlighted and stated by the appropriate character. Animated video applications come with both a video and a game. The videos have the same dialogue and steps as the eBooks, except they are animated videos. The games ask questions about the steps to take for a task from the videos. If you get the answer wrong, you will be redirected to the video or to try again. Each answer will be shown visually, textually, and read aloud. Then, the answer is restated again.

Wonkidos eBooks and Apps

The main character of the Wonkidos applications is young boy named Evan. He has four toy playmates, the Wonkidos (Wobbles, Stacks, Apps, and Sparkles)! The Wonkidos help Evan with social skills and everyday activities. Mr. Know It All, on the Apps toy, states what to do for a task with visuals when Evan needs help.

Wonkidos Characters

The current Wonkidos applications on the market are as follows:

  • Wonkido Mood Journal HD - Allows students to log how they are feeling each day and write about why in a journal format. Moods are shown on a grid with the Wobbles character showing each emotion as well as the text beneath it. Pressing on one of Wobbles' emotions will cause Wobbles to state the feeling aloud with the appropriate tone of voice and facial expression for each. You can add multiple user profiles. Once a child chooses a mood, he or she can go to "My Journal", type why they feel that way, and press "Save". You can then read the various entries by pressing "Read My Journal". The entries are sorted by date and time.
Wonkidos Mood Journal

Wonkidos Mood Journal Image 2

  • Step By Step Getting Dressed With The Wonkidos/Vistiendome con los Wonkidos - Teaches children how to get dressed step by step from going to the closet to checking the weather to choosing clothes and putting them on.
Step By Step Getting Dressed

  • Step By Step Playing With Friends - Teaches children how to ask other children to play. It starts with discussing eye contact, then using a greeting and stating your name (if you do not know the child), asking the other child if they want to play, waiting for a response, continuing the conversation, asking them questions such as what game they want to play, taking turns, and saying goodbye/thank you.
Wonkidos Eye Contact

  • Step by Step Going Potty With the Wonkidos - Teaches children how to use the toilet. It first discusses what the toilet is for, how you know if you have to go to the bathroom, how the child does not need to use diapers anymore, how to go to the bathroom, and to use toilet paper/wash your hands afterwards.
Step By Step Going Potty

  • Wonkidos Step By Step What To Do If You Get Lost - Teaches children what to do when they are lost but also discusses how to not get lost. It talks about staying with a group or a buddy and if the child gets lost, to find an officer, worker at the venue, or mother with kids. Then, it talks about remembering personal information such as first and last name, parents names, address, and phone number (including a song to help children remember it). Finally, it discusses staying in place until the child's parent finds him or her.
Wonkidos Step By Step What To Do If You Get Lost

  • Wonkidos Step By Step Ordering At A Restaurant - Teaches children how to order at a restaurant by themselves. The application begins by talking about making eye contact with the server and telling the server what you want to eat or pointing to what you want to eat. It discusses greetings, placing an order, what the server might say or ask, saying thank you, and remembering what the server looks like in case you have questions/need something in the future.
Step By Step Ordering At A Restaurant

  • Wonkidos Exercise With Stacks - Teaches children about exercising, how it is healthy, and how all children are different shapes and sizes but it is important to stay healthy. Then, the application shows how to do and practice different exercises such as jumping jacks, running in place, squats, push ups, and burpees. It also discusses how some exercises should be practiced with an adult around for safety and how it is important to stretch, eat healthy, and rest. Finally, the application discusses how often to exercise and for how long.
Wonkidos Exercise With Stacks

What I Like About These Applications:

  • Each application deals with different social skills and activities of daily living.
  • Each application goes step by step through different social tasks/skills and everyday activities.
  • The video applications have games in which children can sequence through the steps of completing a task or social skill.
  • The applications emphasize that it is okay to feel anxious, everyone is different, and it is okay to think through the steps before completing a task.
  • The Wonkidos have their own unique personalities.
  • Visuals, text, and video animations are helpful for students to help them understand how to do various tasks.
  • There are additional materials available online to use with the applications.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • On the Mood Journal application, the text box to type in is small. It would be great if that were bigger so that it is easier to read.
Therapy Use:

  • Social Skills - These applications similar to social stories in the fact that they go step by step through various social skills/tasks and activities of daily living. They do not follow the exact social story order or vocabulary, but they are great for alleviating anxiety and explaining the steps to complete a task. They provide visuals and text to help children understand the steps of a task. In addition, many of the applications discuss conversational flow.
  • Articulation/Voice/Fluency - Have students read the eBook applications using appropriate speech sounds, vocal strategies and fluency strategies.
  • Receptive Language - Students will learn vocabulary related to clothing, items in the bathroom, emotions, restaurants, or exercising depending on which application you are using.
  • Expressive Language - Have students talk or write about their favorite field trip, their favorite restaurant, or what they do to stay healthy.

The Wonkidos social skill video applications are $3.99 a piece. The Wonkidos eBook applications are $1.99 each. The Wonkido Mood Journal is $0.99. Each application is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Additional Materials

The Wonkidos now have a Life Skills DVD out! It includes all of the social skill videos from the first six applications as well as two Spanish episodes for $15.99. There are free printable handouts and coloring pages available that go with the applications on the Wonkido website. Finally, there are Wonkidos plushies available on the developer's website for $7.99 each or as a set.

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