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There are a lot of great applications on the market for aphasia, apraxia of speech, and autism. One set of applications that provide visual and auditory cues for people with aphasia are the SpeakinMotion applications. These include VAST Autism 1 - Core, VASTtx - Key Words, VASTtx - Therapy Samples, VAST Songs 1 - Intro, and VAST Autism 1 - Core (Spanish). SpeakinMotion also offers a custom recording service available on their website. These are the applications I wish I had when I was helping people who had aphasia in the graduate school clinic. To learn more about the English language SpeakinMotion applications and to enter a giveaway of each, continue reading.

ABCs 4 SLPs Speak in Motion

SpeakinMotion Application Common Features

  • Information Page - Pressing the "i" button at the bottom of the page will bring you to more information about the application, company, developer, website, and more. You can also read the credits and version of the application. This application was developed by Lois Jean Brady, speech-language pathologist, author of Apps for Autism, writer at, and creator of Autism Today TV.
  • User Guide - Pressing the "User Guide" button at the top, right hand corner of the application's Main Page. This will discuss guidelines for using the application as step-by-step instructions.
  • More Tools - There are four common tools to the applications: Mirror, Tutorial Video, Customize Playlists, and Custom Recording Service. Pressing the Mirror button will use the front camera as a mirror so that users can view their own mouths/speech. The Customize Playlists feature allows you to build custom playlists for users by pressing the "+" button at the top of the page and add a Playlist Name. Then, choose whether or not you want the items on the list to appear in random order. Next, press "Done" to move to select videos for the list. Press on a video title to add it to the playlist. When you press on the video, a checkmark will appear next to it. Press "Done" once you have completed the playlist. The playlist will then be added to the "Playlists" menu. Tutorial Video - Brings you to a Tutorial video of the application. Custom Recording Service - Brings you to more information about the custom recording service available from SpeakinMotion.
  • Application Play - All of the applications have video recordings of words, syllables, phrases, sentences, songs, and/or paragraphs. Each of these videos shows only the mouth of the narrator (most of the time female, but you can choose a male model on the VAST Songs 1 - Intro) and plays the audio along with it. Many of the words/syllables/phrases/sentences/songs/paragraphs are repeated a second time or added onto on the video. Each of the videos has an information page about it stating the date it was created, recorder, description of the video, and a transcript of the video. To choose a video, press the play button in the middle of it. You will then see the text of the word followed by the video model's mouth and the word(s) stated aloud. You can pause a video by pressing on the video and then pressing the pause button. If you wish to exit a video before it has finished, press in the middle of the video and the done button will appear to be pressed.
VAST Autism 1 Application Contents

To view the videos on this application, press the "Full-Length Videos" or "Separated Playlists" button. There are five full-length videos which have multiple, common words practiced/shown in each:

  • Syllables - 12 total (ex. Mama, Papa, moo moo, etc.)
  • Words - 12 total (ex. Up, eat, ouch, bye, yes, etc.)
  • Multi-Syllabic Words - 13 total (ex. Bubble, cookies, computer, etc.)
  • Phrases - 10 total (ex. All gone, come here, good bye, etc.)
  • Sentences - 6 total (ex. I need to use the bathroom)
VAST Autism 1 - Core

VAST Songs 1 - Intro Application Contents

Choose a Male of Female model on the main page.

VAST Songs 1 - Intro

Then, choose the song to be played (10 total):

  • Happy Birthday
  • Row Your Boat
  • Twinkle Little Star
  • For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Yankee Doodle
  • Zippadee-Do-Dah
  • Amen
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • My Country Tis of Thee
VAST Songs 1 - Intro Happy Birthday Transcript

VASTtx Key Words Application Contents

The videos on this application include all of the speech sounds in the English language as well as a keyword for each (as well as a the word in a phrase). You can view individual sound videos or videos of the sounds on three pre-installed Playlists. Each sound video contains the sound, a word with the sound in the initial position, and a phrase:

  • Keyword Videos - Videos for 21 different sounds: /m/, /b/, /p/, /w/, /l/, /n/, /d/, /t/, /th/, /h/, /f/, /v/, /r/, /y/, /sh/, /ch/, /s/, /z/, /j/, /k/, and /g/
  • Sound Families - Lip Family: /m/, /b/, /p/, and /w/; Tongue Tip Family: /l/, /n/, /d/, /t/, and /th/; Glide Family: /r/ and /y/; The Bachelor: /h/; Bite Your Lip Family: /f/ and /v/; Sides Family: /sh/, /ch/, /s/, /z/, and /j/; Back of the Tongue Family: /k/ and /g/
  • Contrasts - Level 1: /m/, /l/, and /w/; Level 2: /f/, /r/, and /g/; Level 3: /sh/, /j/, and /ch/
  • All - Random
VASTtx Therapy Samples Application Contents

There are videos on this application of examples of common phrases/speech used in conversation. There are two different categories of videos:

VASTtx - Therapy Samples Main Page

Building Speech:

Basic Speech Patterns: Months (12 months) and Basic Wants & Needs (20 basic want/need phrase videos)

Words & Phrases:

  • /l/ Sample Lesson - Core Vocabulary, Phonetic, Semantic, and Phrases
  • Compound Words - Videos of compound words said as two separate words then combined into 1 compound word
  • Word Triplets - 3 words with the same endings but different initial consonants
  • Linking Phrases - Provides 2-3 word phrases that link the end of the word with the beginning of the next
  • Paired Intelligibility Phrases - practices differences between initiating phonemes in minimal pair words placed in a phrase length context

  • Word to Phrase to Sentences - starts with a word, then adds more to make it a phrase, finally adding more to make it a sentence
  • Familiar Sentences - 15 common phrases on videos
  • Songs - Contains two songs to practice (Rock A Bye Baby & Happy Birthday)
Using Speech:


  • Apraxia Introduction - Sample introductory statement about apraxia of speech to explain to others
  • Personal Script Example - Shows an example of a personal script

  • Say Thanks - A video of a sample "thank you" script
  • Thinking of You - A video of a "thinking about you" script
  • Go to Movies - A video of a sample script to ask about if someone wants to go to the movies

  • Sample scripts to order one of three items at a restaurant: a bagel, salad, or coffee
Connected Speech:

  • Videos of classic paragraphs to practice connected speech: Irish Blessing, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Income Tax Joke, Limerick, and There is a Season
VASTtx Therapy Samples Using Speech

What I Like About These Applications:

  • Each video provides video and auditory cues for people who have aphasia to help them become more fluent speakers, especially those who have difficulty verbalizing.
  • The videos consist of common sounds, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs used in everyday situations.
  • There are multiple videos for each category!
  • SpeakinMotion offers custom recording via their website so that people with aphasia can have personalized videos with words, phrases, and sentences that they need to be able to say!
  • The applications are easy to use and the videos are easy to view.
Therapy Use:

  • Aphasia - Use the applications as a visual and audio cue to help people who have aphasia verbalize common sounds, words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Apraxia of Speech - Use the applications as a visual model of articulatory placement for speech sounds for people with apraxia of speech. They can also hear the different sounds in the words and practice them along with the application.
  • Social Skills - Use the VAST Autism 1 - Core and VASTtx Therapy Samples common phrases/sentences to help them learn conversational language to use in common situations.
  • Articulation - Use the VASTtx Key Words application to choose sounds that students are working on, play the video with the letter/word/phrase, and have them practice their sounds.
  • Fluency - Have students practice the phrases on the application via the mirror as well as slowly first, then faster, just like in the application, using fluency strategies.

All of the SpeakinMotion applications are available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. VAST Autism 1 - Core is $4.99, VASTtx - Therapy Samples is $9.99, VAST Songs 1- Intro is $4.99, and VASTtx - Key Words is $12.99. VAST Autism 1 - Core (Spanish) is also available for $7.99.


Consonantly Speaking was given copies of each of the English versions of the SpeakinMotion applications to give away with this review. No other form of compensation was received.


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