ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Alphabet Jumbled Review and Giveaway

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Many alphabet applications focus solely on letter identification, letter names, letter sounds, uppercase and lowercase letters. How any apps can say that they focus on putting letters in alphabetical order? Alphabet Jumbled does all of these things in one great app and more! Continue reading to learn more about the five different activities included in the Alphabet Jumbled application and for a giveaway of this fun, interactive app!

ABCs 4 SLPs Alphabet Jumbled

Application Play

The Main Page of the application shows a pirate ship with a sign that says the name of the application on it as well as the various activities. Those activities include:

Alphabet Jumbled Main Page

  • Know Your ABCs - This activity allows the user to explore the alphabet in multiple ways. If the "Play" button is on, the app will move through the letters, stating their letter name or sound. If the pause button is pressed, the user can press on the various letters to hear their names/sounds stated. You can switch between phonics and ABC by pressing the word bubble at the top. You can also switch between upper and lower case letters in patterns or yellow font by pressing the "Aa" button.
Alphabet Jumbled Flash Cards

  • ABC Flashcards - This will show a flashcard for each letter of the alphabet with a word starting with each letter and its image on the card. Press the card to hear the letter name and its associated word. Press the "Aa" button to switch between uppercase, lowercase, pattern and yellow font. Navigate between cards by pressing the arrow buttons. Return to the beginning of the deck by pressing the 1/2 circle arrow in the corner.
Alphabet Jumbled Easy Jumble

  • Easy Jumble - This will jumble five letters and have the user place them in ABC order by pressing, holding, and dragging them next to each other. The app will show the outlines of each letter for a visual cue. Press the "Aa" button to switch between upper and lower case letters as well as font color. Press the 1/2 circle arrow for a new set of jumbled letters. When correctly placed in order, crabs will appear with signs of praise.
Alphabet Jumbled Image 1

  • Jumble A-Z - This game will have the user sort letters from A-Z that are jumbled into ABC order. A timer on the side counts up how much time has elapsed. You can pause application play by pressing the "Pause" button and resume by pressing "Play". Once again, you can change the font type by pressing the "Aa" button. The "Help" button shows an animation to teach the user how to play the game. Press, hold, and drag letters to their place in the alphabet. As a letter is pressed, its name is stated. Press the 1/2 circle arrow to begin a new jumble and the timer will reset. Once a jumble has been completed, a trophy will appear as well as the amount of time elapsed during game play.
Alphabet Jumbled Challenge

  • Jumble Challenge - In the Jumble Challenge game, letters are jumbled on a string to put in ABC order. The difficulty goes from easy to hard. The game is timed, counting down, and if you run out of time, a "Time's Up!" text will appear as well as the app stating words of encouragement to try again. If you get the order correct, fireworks will shoot off, it will count down from 3, and more letters will appear. You can pause game play, switch font type, and view help on how to play. You can even reset the jumble by pressing the 1/2 circle arrow. Each level has more letters with/without more time (1-2 min). There is a fish that can bite a letter when you move it and take off 10 seconds of your time. The fish also jumps more often in the later levels.
More From Us!

Pressing the "More From Us" flag will pop-up a box asking if the user would like to go to the developers' website to learn about more apps/resources. On Little Learning Tots' website, there are worksheets and activities to go along with the application. You can also rate the application in iTunes from this page.

What I Like About This Application:

  • I love the fact that this application helps children practice the alphabet in many different ways.
  • Letters are stated as their letter names as well as their associated letter sounds.
  • The user can choose between upper and lowercase letters.
  • There are flashcards to practice each letter as well as learn words that begin with each letter.
  • Children will learn alphabetical order in a way different than singing the alphabet song.The application is interactive, fun, and motivating for children.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • I would like the ability to choose the starting and ending letters to be jumbled if there are students having difficulty with a range of letters or one letter in a range.
Therapy Use:

  • RtI/Letter Identification/Phonological Awareness - Use the application to help children identify upper and lowercase letters. They can listen to letter sounds as well as letter names. In addition, children can identify the beginning letter sound for various words on flashcards.
  • Familiar Sequence - Being able to state letters in alphabetical order is a familiar sequence that children learn in Kindergarten or sometimes sooner. Use this application to help students who need extra practice placing letters in alphabetical order.
  • Expressive Language - Have children state a sentence about one of the words on the flashcards. Children can also name as many words as they can that start with a given letter.
  • Articulation - Have children state as many words as they can with their speech sound including the word associated with the letter on the flashcard.

Alphabet Jumbled is available for $1.99 for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Alphabet Jumbled Cards includes portions of Alphabet Jumbled for free!


Consonantly Speaking was given application codes to give away with this review. No other form of compensation was given.


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