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ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Dr. Suzy Lederer Book Reviews and Giveaways image
When I was contacted by Children's Publishing to review three books by Dr. Suzy Lederer, I was excited to check them out! Each book is repetitive, contains vocabulary and signs, has two stories, and contains a CD. The titles are perfect for practicing speech, play, and social concepts: "I Can Say That", "I Can Do That", and "I Can Play That". As a certified speech-language pathologist with her Ph.D., Suzy Lederer focused these books on late-talking toddlers and preschoolers. Continue reading for my reviews of each of these three books as well as a giveaway for each!

ABCs 4 SLPs Dr. Suzy Lederer Books

Common Book Features

Each book contains two stories. Before each story, targeted vocabulary words are shown along with images of the vocabulary as well as signs to do along with the story. The stories are repetitive, rhyme, and have the child talk/sign along with the person reading. Dr. Lederer tried to select vocabulary words from research on thousands of children learning language for each book. Each of these books has won at least one award such as the Mom's Choice Awards and/or iParenting Media Award.

CD-Rom Features

Each book contains a CD Rom containing downloadable pictures, signs, and an interactive story. The story will play in English or Spanish, depending on which you choose. As the story plays, the words said by the narrator will be highlighted as they are stated. Press on the birds to navigate between the pages. Speech bubbles will fill in as each character speaks. Press the "x" button to exit the interactive story.

I Can Say That

I Can Say That

"I Can Say That" is a book with two stories that help children learn early vocabulary terms and concepts including words such as cow, moo, duck, quack, cat, meow, horse, neigh, hi, bye, and no. This book focuses on learning/stating/signing animals and their sounds. At the end of each page, a statement such as "please say that with me", "I'm proud of you now!", or "can you find that word?" is stated to encourage/promote imitation of sounds/words. "I Can Say That" is perfect for early developing sounds, early vocabulary terms, learning animal nouns and sounds, and imitation of speech sounds/phrases/animal sounds/signs.

I Can Do That

I Can Do That

"I Can Do That" contains two book in one - "People Can Do That!" and "Animals Can Do That!". Each book promotes early vocabulary terms, action words, concepts, and signs through repetition of words, signs, and rhyme. "People Can Do That!" focuses on verbs/signs including "eat", "drink", "kiss", "hug", "sleep", "cry", and "love". There are also common nouns on each page such as "boy", "girl", "mom", "dad", "baby", and "grandpa". "Animals Can Do That!" focuses on the verbs/signs including "swim", "fly", "hop", "run", "swing", "sleep", and "love". Once again, there is additional vocabulary including different animal nouns: "fish", "bird", "bunny", "horse", "monkey", and "bear". The action words are emphasized in big, capital, outlined words with exclamation points afterwards separated from the rest of the text. Pictures of the various actions are shown next to the text as well. "I Can Do That" is perfect for teaching early verbs to children as well as animal nouns, sequencing events in the story by printing images, listing different actions that people/animals can do, comparing/contrasting things that people/animals can and can't do, and learning vocabulary/signs/rhyming words.

I Can Play That

I Can Play That

"I Can Play That" contains two stories - "The Tea Party" and "The Goodnight Game". Each book promotes early vocabulary terms and concepts through repetition of words, songs, and rhyme. These stories do not contain a vocabulary list or signs within the book. Both stories can be sung to the tune "Here we go 'round the Mulberry Bush" and the CD Rom includes sing along music as well. Other activities encouraged by the author to do with the book include playing with props (such as bringing a teddy bear and pretending to have tea time or bringing bed time props as you read) and printing the pictures from the CD Rom for story sequencing/re-tell. The text and song are also available in Spanish on the CD Rom. Each page has a sequence to it and at the bottom of the page has a phrase such as "First we _____"/"Next we _____" with a blank at the end for the child to fill in to sequence. "I Can Play That" is perfect for tea time/bed time sequencing, sequencing events in a story, and learning vocabulary through repetition/rhyme/song.

What I Like About These Books:

  • These books are repetitive and can be used over and over to teach children different vocabulary, sounds, concepts, and sequences.
  • Pairing signs and images along with the text is great for vocabulary learning and literacy skills.
  • Having a CD Rom that comes with each book is perfect for printing additional activities, playing an interactive book, or listening to the book in Spanish.
  • Each book teaches different concepts, vocabulary, action words, and sequences.
  • The books contain rhymes along with repetitions of words to help children develop vocabulary and literacy skills.
  • The CD Rom highlights each word as it is narrated on the computer which helps children who have difficulty reading.
What I Would Like To See In Future Editions:

  • I'm not sure if Dr. Lederer is planning on writing any future books, but I would love to see more "I Can Play That"/"I Can Do That" stories for children to sequence events and learn about everyday activities such as getting ready for school, waking up in the morning, cleaning up toys, playing with friends, etc. for social skills/everyday activities.
  • The books on the CD Rom are great, but the multi-colored text going between pages is a bit distracting.

Each book/CD Rom is currently available from Children's Publishing for $11.95.


Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of each of the following books to review and give away - "I Can Say That", "I Can Play That", and "I Can Do That" by: Dr. Lederer. No other form of compensation was given.


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