ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Galaxy Grammar! Review and Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Galaxy Grammar! Review and Giveaway image
My fiance is a huge space buff, so when Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World asked me which product of hers I wanted to review, I chose Galaxy Grammar! Galaxy Grammar is an activity pack where each activity relates to space, astronauts, planets, and more within the space theme! There are six different worksheets and activities included. Continue reading for my review and a giveaway of Galaxy Grammar!

Galaxy Grammar

Galaxy Grammar by Crazy Speech World consists of six different worksheets/activities. These include:

Galaxy Grammar Astronaut Adjectives

  • Astronaut Adjectives Board game - This board game can be printed and laminated for students to use. It involves rolling the dice to move your piece across the board, with each space you land on having an adjective on it. The student must use the written adjective in a sentence to describe a noun. Each space is a star with the start being an astronaut and the finish being his space station.
  • My Mini Book of Adjectives - This book can be used with or without the game to write down adjectives. Each page has a different category of adjective on it including color, shape, size, taste, touch, and amount. Have a student write down three adjectives per category that he or she can think of on his own, from the board game, or from describing objects in the room.
Galaxy Grammar Irregular Plurals

  • Blast Off With Irregular Plurals! - There are eighteen cards with nouns in singular and irregular plural form in this activity to print, laminate, and cut apart. Each card has a singular or irregular plural form of a noun on it that pair together. The astronaut cards have the singular nouns on them and the spaceships have irregular plural nouns on them. You can use these cards to play Go Fish or Memory.
  • Irregular Plurals - This worksheet has fill in the blank sentences with a word bank of singular noun forms at the top. The blanks need to be filled in with the correct irregular plural noun form of one of the above words.
Galaxy Grammar Planet Noun

  • Planet Noun - There are three planets on the first page to help children sort alien ship cards into. The planets have the text person, place, or thing on them. The alien ship cards each have a noun printed on them. Students must match the alien ship noun cards to the planet with the appropriate noun type on it. Then, students can record which noun category each card fit into on the recording chart.
Galaxy Grammar Image 2

What I Like About This Activity Pack:

  • There are multiple activities related to the space theme and some of them even have titles with words that have the same sounds in them!
  • There are activities for three different parts of speech: nouns, irregular plurals, and adjectives.
  • The activities are not all of one type; there is a board game, sorting activity, and deck of cards.
  • Some of the activities have two parts that go with them.
  • The activities keep students motivated and engaged.
  • Some of the worksheets can be used with other words/activities.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • I would like to see the book of adjectives and irregular plurals sentences more incorporated into the space theme (maybe with a graphic or two). Otherwise, I noticed that they incorporate the words from other portions of the packet.
Therapy Use:

  • Expressive Language - Students can create their own sentences using adjectives, irregular plurals, and nouns from the ones listed on the activities. The Astronaut Adjectives board game requires students to create sentences using adjectives.
  • Receptive Language - Talk about different space vocabulary. Compare and contrast planets as well as nouns from the activities. Discuss vocabulary from the activities. Place nouns and adjectives into different categories.
  • Grammar - These activities focus on adjectives/nouns/irregular plurals. Children can categorize the adjectives and nouns using the worksheets/book included. Children can pair up singular nouns with their irregular noun plural word form.
  • Pragmatic Language - Have students discuss what they think it would be like to live in space, if they would like to visit space someday, which planet is their favorite, etc.

Galaxy Grammar! is available on Crazy Speech World's TpT store for $3.25.


Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of Galaxy Grammar! to review and give away. No other form of compensation was given.


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