ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - In Your Shoes Review and Giveaway

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The website Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), where teachers can create and sell their own materials, has blown up over the past year or so. One incredible, material-making speech-language pathologist who has recently hit the top 50 sellers is Jenna Rayburn of Speech Room News! She has created 43 different printable materials available at her store and written a great post about how she makes her materials. Today, I am going to review one of my favorite pragmatic skills games of hers - "In Your Shoes". At the end of my review, you will have an opportunity to win a copy for yourself, so continue reading!

ABCs 4 SLPs In Your Shoes

In Your Shoes is a pragmatic language game created by Jenna Rayburn, M.A. CCC-SLP of Speech Room News. Included in the pack are three games with 22 printable cards total (44 if you count the doubles recently added for additional printing quality), including a few posters/visuals. These three games include:

In Your Shoes Problem Solving

In Your Shoes Taking Perspective

  • Problem Solving 1 - Problem solving for grades K-4; each card has a social situation for the child to solve; Ex.) "Your sister broke your iPod. How do you feel? What should you do?"
  • Problem Solving 2 - Problem solving for grades 4-8; each card has a social situation for the child to solve; Ex.) "Ryan walks to school every day. He has arrived late 3 days this week."
  • Perspective Taking - Perspective taking; each card has a social situation, feeling, and/or inference related to taking another's perspective for the child to figure out; Ex.) "Sam didn't get invited to Kyle's birthday party. How does Sam feel?"
In Your Shoes cards

Each card has a shoe on it to represent putting yourself in someone elses' shoes (taking another's perspective). On each shoe is a social situation and sometimes a question for the student to figure out. There are also posters/visuals which identify the concept/idea/strategy behind the game being played. Finally, there are additional cards to use in game play that can cause a child to lose a turn because there is "Gum on Your Shoe". The graphics for this activity are from KPM Doodles.

In Your Shoes Gum on Your Shoe

To play, print, cut out, and laminate the cards. Then, place the visual in the middle of the table, explain the concept behind the game that is being played, and place other cards related to the activity shuffled in the middle. Have a student draw a card and answer what they would do or how they think another person feels about the situation. If the student gets the answer right, he or she gets to keep the card and the next child gets to take a card and their turn. If the student answers incorrectly, he or she does not get to keep the card. If a person receives a "Gum on Your Shoe" card, he or she looses a turn.

In Your Shoes Pink Shoe

I printed the cards out (but did not read the disclaimer about only printing the first or the second set...oops), cut them out, and laminated them (laminating took a while). Then, I found a cute pencil holder at the store (can't remember if it was Meijer or Target) in the shape of a shoe with a zipper to hold the cards in. My students have already started requesting to play "The Shoe Game". I played this game with a student who had auditory processing disorder and another with selective mutism in the middle school, so this activity worked out perfectly!

In Your Shoes Card Deck

What I Like About This Game:

  • The fact that the game cards are shoes is perfect to go along with the phrase "put yourself in someone elses' shoes". I also love how the lose a turn card has to do with the shoe theme as well!
  • The game is easy to play and does not take time to set up!
  • There are three different games to play related to the grade level of the child.
  • The fact that Jenna took the time to change the font color on the shoes for printing quality is very helpful!
  • It is definitely worth the price for the amount of cards you get.
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • Jenna does a really great job at having people help her proofread her worksheets, but I definitely think that some punctuation errors and a couple of spellings slipped by on this one. I would like to see those fixed in a future update.
  • Some of the text overflows onto the shoe laces/bottom of the graphic and it can be hard to read. I'm sure it was difficult to figure out how to space things for a lot of the shoes, but there are a couple that are difficult to read still.
Therapy Use:

  • Articulation/Fluency/Voice - Have students read the cards aloud using correct speech sounds/fluency strategies/vocal strategies.
  • Feelings/Emotions - Play the game with the Perspective Taking cards and have students answer questions about how each person feels. There are also a few questions/statements about feelings in the other two games, or you can add another question to them yourself during game-play. You can even make a board with different feelings on it to help students recall different emotions/point to an emotion.
  • Inferencing - Play the game with the Perspective Taking cards as they require students to inference how another person is feeling. You can even try role playing some of the situations if needed.
  • Problem Solving - Play either Problem Solving Level 1 or 2 for questions/statements that children have to problem solve. Level 1 is for grades K-4 and level 2 is for grades 4-8. You can role play some situations if needed. Also, if you do not play this as a game, you can have the group answer the questions so that everyone can hear different answers.
  • Expressive Language/Writing - Have students state or write about a similar situation that they have been in and what they did to resolve it. They can also talk about what they would do in the situation on the card or state/write about a situation that made them feel a certain way.

You can purchase "In Your Shoes" for $4 from the Speech Room News TpT store.


Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of "In Your Shoes" for this review and to give away. No other form of compensation was given.


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