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When it comes to story creating applications, there aren't many that have images pre-installed. In addition, those with pre-installed images do not always automatically rotate images or include recording capabilities. The Super Duper Story Maker application includes all of the above and more! Continue reading to learn how you can use the Super Duper Story Maker application in speech-language therapy sessions!

Super Duper Story Maker Main Page

Main Page

The Main Page of the Story Maker application shows an image with a preview of an example story created using the application in the middle of the screen. In addition, there are buttons to follow Super Duper via social media, review the application in iTunes, support e-mail button, and two options to create or tell a story.


Press the square with an arrow button to share the application via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.


Press the thumbs up button to submit a suggestion or bug report to Super Duper Publications via e-mail or review the application in iTunes.


Press the "i" button to view information on how to use the application, its intended population, what is included in the application, what skills the application can be used for, and application credits.

Application Play

To begin application play, if you have not previously created a story, you can press the "Create Story" button. Otherwise, if you wish to record and tell a previously created story, press "Tell Story".

Create Story -

Super Duper Story Maker Create Story

Press the "Create Story" button on the Main Page to begin. The first page of the story is the cover. Once you have created a cover for your story, press the "Save" button next to the page. A new page will then appear and you will be asked to add a title to the story via the keyboard.

You can add a background to a page by pressing on the camera or "Places" button. If you choose the Camera button, you can select an image from the Camera Roll. If you choose to use the "Places" menu, you will be able to choose a pre-installed, illustrated image for the background.

To draw on any page, press on the colored pens jar. There are 9 different colors to choose from and an eraser. Once you choose a pen, press and drag your finger on the page to draw or write.

If you wish to add text to a page, press the keyboard button. A pop-up will then appear stating to "Add Text" the page. You can only add one line of text at a time. Text will appear as a text box to move around once the "Save" button is pressed. You can add more than one text box to a page.

To add pre-installed images to the application, choose an image from any of the eight categories or search for one. Scroll through the images by moving your finger up and down on the image list. Once you have found an image you would like to use, press on the associated button and it will be added to the page. For images of people, the general adult, baby, child, and teen images can be customized as male or female, have the skin color chosen, and have a specific facial expression. You can also name the person to have a label show. All of the other images, including people in occupations, are pre-set. If you choose to search for an image, type in the image you would like to use via the keyboard. Images along with their names will appear as the name is typed. As a word is typed, predicted words will appear. Press on the image you want to use for it to be added to the screen. To move images around, press, hold, and drag the icons to where you would like. As you move the icons around, the direction of the item may change. You cannot resize any objects or backgrounds. To delete an object from a page, press, hold, and drag the item off of the page and it will delete.

Once a page has been completed, press the pink "Save" button to save the page and start a new one. To clear an entire page including images, pen drawings, text, and backgrounds, press the green "Clear" button next to the page. To delete a page already created, press on it in the blue bar with the sequence of pages. A pop-up menu will appear where you can press the "Delete" button. You can also copy a page, edit a page, insert a new page, or move a page elsewhere in the sequence of pages via this pop-up menu. Press the question mark button to see a visual help screen to learn how to use each portion of the "Create Story" mode of the application.

After the story is done being created, press the blue "Save Story" button and name the story via the keyboard. The saved story will now appear in the list of "My Stories" at the top of the application. If you want to delete a story, press the "My Stories" button and swipe right to left on the story title for a "Delete" button to appear, then press it, or press the "Edit" button in this menu followed by a circle button, then "Delete".

Tell Story -

Super Duper Story Maker Tell Story

Once a story has been created, you can add additional notes and audio to it, share it via e-mail, print it, or play it within the application by pressing the "Tell Story" button on the Main Page and choosing the story to work on/listen to. To add audio to a page, press the microphone button, then the circle "Record" button. Press it again when it is blinking red to stop the recording. Listen to it played by pressing the triangle play button, then press the "Save Audio" or "Reset Audio" button. Next, you can type in who recorded they story. To play a story with or without audio, press the triangle "Play" button in the middle of the orange bar. Pages will automatically turn. Press the "Pause" button to pause the application on a given page. Use the arrows to navigate between pages. You can also head to the beginning of a story by pressing the arrow with a line button on the left hand side of the orange bar at the bottom of the page. You can have more than one recording associated with a story by pressing the "Reset Audio" button and recording new audio.

Super Duper Story Maker Story

If you want to head back to the editing page, press the paper and pencil button on the top of the page. To get help on how to use the "Tell Story" part of the application, press the question mark button. Finally, to e-mail or print a story, press the square with an arrow button in it. Make sure that your e-mail is connected to the "Mail" application to send an e-mail. Make sure your device can connect to a printer to print from the application before you select the "Print" button. In addition, you need to have access to the internet to use either of these functions.

What I Like About This Application:

  • I like that there are over 800 images installed within the application to choose from to use within your story.
  • You can use personal photos from your Camera Roll to use within the application.
  • You have the ability to record audio along with the pages of the story.
  • Being able to add text and labels to pages and below images is great!
  • There are so many different ways to use the application from social stories to themed stories to photo albums!
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • I would like more ability to customize hair color, layer and save images on top of each other (such as shirts on top of people), and resize images.
  • I would like the ability to add more than one line of text to a page.
  • Of course I always say I love more images, but this application already has 800 and I'm not sure how much bigger it should get to fit on the iPad.
  • It would be great to add more than one image from the Camera Roll to a page
  • Being able to change the size of a pen and eraser.
  • Having the clear button undo an entire page can cause the user to delete an entire page by accident. It would be great if there was an "Undo" button that would only get rid of the previous image and a "Redo" button as well.
  • I would love to see the option of recording audio related to an individual item so that when it is pressed, it will play the audio.
Therapy Use:

  • Vocabulary - Place different items on a page and write their names via text beneath them as a label. If you don't have text beneath them, you can work on having the user label the images aloud.
  • Categorization - Place alike items that are in a similar category on each page. Have students state the category, record audio, or type it on the application. You can also type a category on a page and have students find related images to place on the page.
  • Auditory Comprehension - Have the story read aloud to the student or read it aloud to the student, then ask him or her to answer questions about the story.
  • Story Recall/Retell - After having the story read aloud via the recorded audio or read the story aloud to a child. Then, have him or her state the story in order using correct story grammar. You can also have them record audio telling each part of the story.
  • Sequencing - Place the story out of order and have the student press the "Move" button to put it back in order.
  • Grammar - Create a story for a child to fill in the blank of a cloze sentence with the appropriate grammatical concept on each page.
  • Expressive Language/Story Creation - Have the child create his or her own story on the application with images, audio, and text.
  • Articulation - Create pages with images of words that have a students' target sound in them. You can also create text for a story in sentence format filled with words that have a students' target sound in them. In addition, the child can practice his or her speech sounds by recording his or her speech and listening back to the recording.
  • Fluency/Voice - Have the student read the sentences on a previously created story aloud using his or her best fluency/vocal strategies. In addition, the child can practice his or her strategies by recording his or her speech and listening back to the recording.
  • Social Stories - Create a social story using real-life and/or pre-installed images.

Super Duper Story Maker is available for the iPad for $4.99. There is also a free Lite version available to try.


Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of this application to review. No other form of compensation was given.


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