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A couple posts ago, I wrote about the Edublog Awards (awards for the best blogs in the education field). I am excited to announce that the other blog that I manage, Speechie Freebies, made the short list for Best Group Blog! Congratulations to the bloggers/authors on the Speechie Freebies team! This couldn't have happened without you! I never dreamed of us becoming this big this fast!

The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

(Check out this awesome image created by Sublime Speech!)

Now SLP bloggers like me need your help. If you appreciate reading the content of SLP blogs and the materials some of us create, please vote for SLP bloggers in the Edublog Awards! This is a perfect way to show your appreciation for what we do! You can vote for more than one blog, but you can only vote for each blog one time. Here's how to vote, straight from the Edublog Awards' website:

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(Once you've signed in, go back to and choose a category)

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(Vote up your SLPeeps by pressing the arrow in the left hand corner at the bottom of the box! You can vote for more than one but remember, only vote once!)

Here's the category my other blog is nominated in for your convenience (scroll down to find Speechie Freebies and click the arrow):

Here are the SLP bloggers included in the Edublog Awards 2013 short list per category:

  • Speech Adventures
  • Chapel Hill Snippets
  • If Only I Had Super Powers
  • PrAACtical AAC
  • Speech Peeps
  • Playing With Words 365
Best Group Blog:

  • Speechie Freebies (my other blog that I manage with 14 of us SLP bloggers!)
Best New Blog:

  • Speechy Musings
  • Rock Chalk Speech Talk
  • SLPs For Change
Best Resource Sharing Blog:

  • Speech Techie
  • Speechy Musings
  • PrAACtical AAC
Best Teacher Blog:

  • Speech Techie
Most Influential Education Blog Post:

  • Dear Teacher...Love, Your SLP by: Busy Bee Speech
  • There's no Such Thing as a Free App, so Get Over it and Pony up! by: The Speech Dudes
Best Twitter Hashtag:

  • #SLPeeps
Best Podcasts or Google Hangouts for Educators:

Best Use of Wikis in Education:

  • CommunicatePA
Best Mobile App for Education:

  • ATEval2Go by: Smarty Ears
Lifetime Achievement:

  • Caroline Bowen of
  • Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World
The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

Please help the SLPs sweep all of the categories we were nominated for this year with your votes! Remember, you can vote for more than one blog per category! It is much appreciated! Thanks again for all of you who nominated us and thank you for your continued support!

10 Great Games to Gift Your 6th-12th Grader (With Language Benefits!)

My game cabinets were getting full at the elementary school I work at, so when I got a bigger office at the middle school, I was ecstatic! I could finally move more games up to my second office since it was larger, which created more room in my cabinets at the elementary school! In addition, my secondary students could finally enjoy playing games more often again like they had in my room when they were younger. We couldn't play the same games, however; they had to be developmentally appropriate for my middle schoolers. As I was looking at the ages of the games I already owned, I thought about my family Christmas each year and how we would decide on a game to purchase and play together. Many of the games that I was bringing with me to the middle school were also family favorites that we had purchased around Christmastime. This is one of my fondest memories around the holidays. So let me share some holiday cheer with you in this list of my favorite holiday games that I also use in speech-language therapy due to their educational value! Continue reading for 10 great games to gift your 6th-12th grader this holiday season!

Consonantly Speaking's Edublog Award Nominations

Consonantly Speaking's Edublog Award Nominations image
The Edublog Award Nominations close tonight. They are yearly awards for the best bloggers in the education field. Since speech-language pathologists are amazing educators, I am excited to be able to nominate some of my favorite speech-language pathologist blogs this year! Continue reading to learn who I am nominating for the awards this year and maybe learn about some new blogs to follow!

What's In Your Cart?: Cyber Monday TpT Linky Party

What's In Your Cart?: Cyber Monday TpT Linky Party image
Most of the time, us speechies brag about what we bought on social media AFTER we buy it. This time around, Jenna from Speech Room News had a brilliant idea to show you what we are planning to buy BEFORE we swipe our credit cards! Since Small Business Saturday was yesterday, and Cyber Monday is tomorrow, I decided to join in on the "What's in Your Cart?: Cyber Monday Sale Linky Party" to promote other SLPs' small businesses on Teachers Pay Teachers! Want to see what I am planning on getting tomorrow? Continue reading to find out!

Apps and Products Discounted for ASHA 2013

Apps and Products Discounted for ASHA 2013 image
I am currently at the ASHA 2013 convention in Chicago having a blast, but you can too through all of the great app and product sales going on online and on the iTunes App Store! Continue reading to learn more about which applications, TpT stores, and products are on sale for ASHA 2013!

How to Find Consonantly Speaking at the ASHA Convention

How to Find Consonantly Speaking at the ASHA Convention image
For the ASHA photo scavenger hunt, many of you are probably wondering how to find me. Or maybe I want to you to wonder because I want to meet you! (It's the latter for sure!)

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt Image 2

Today I was at the Mobile Education Store's booth #914 the entire day! I will be there tomorrow as well for the mostpart. Most likely, I will be attending a session or two as well as meeting up with some other great SLP bloggers, but hopefully you won't miss me! I'm the one with the bright red hair! On Saturday, I am hoping to attend a session on cleft palate/hypernasality, but I will be at the booth as well as spending some money on all of the great products I have been staring at all day today (more like not spending money since my car broke down...)!

Mobile Education Store

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway image
Are you going to ASHA? I am! So is Carissa Ten Hoeve from Home Sweet Speech Room! We are teaming up to hold an ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Post as many items below as you can on Instagram (or if you don't have Instagram, e-mail the images to with the hashtag #ASHAphotohunt. We will choose a winner to win $10 worth of products from Home Sweet Speech Room's TpT store and an item from my TpT store!

Over the course of the next few days, take pictures of the following things you see.  You may take just one or all of them!

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt Image 2

And just for fun, me or Carissa - this one will be somewhat difficult.  If you can find me or Carissa in the masses, and take a picture with one or both of us, you will get some extra credit!

We can't wait to see your pictures!

SLP Social Media List

Over time I have been compiling my list of helpful speech-language pathology websites and blogs. I kept finding so many that I began to place them into a Microsoft Excel file so that I would not forget them. It was better than bookmarking the sites, and I was able to place them in ABC order. Plus, by now I'm sure you have noticed that I good at making lists. I feel that lists are useful for keeping information together in an orderly manner that you do not want to lose or forget.

Each time I thought I was done with the list a new blogger would come about or I would discover a new website that I enjoyed related to speech-language pathology. Finally, I felt that my list was complete last night when I kept running into the same blogs/websites without any new ones appearing. There are approximately 770 speech-language pathology blogs, websites, and stores that you can follow on social media on my list currently (as of 10/23/2013). I did not include every website out there, just websites that had a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest account, Instagram, Flickr, Google + account, bloglovin' to follow, YouTube videos, etc. as I felt that they had more of a presence and consistency of updating readers online with continuous articles and materials. That's not to say that all of the blogs on the list have or haven't been updated recently. In addition, who knows what other social media or websites I will be able to update the list with in the future?! Continue reading to find the link for this great resource list!

Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs

Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs image
I may feel that I was born to be an SLP - I was talkative, loved to read, creative, and loved to have fun! However, there was a time when I did not know what a speech-language pathologist was (hard to believe, I know, but as I said before I didn't know until 5th grade). That was when I was a cute little baby. Today I am joining up with my SLP blogging friends to bring you a giveaway. We have compiled our baby pictures to see if you can guess who's who! Read more to see our cute pics and to have a possibility of winning an Erin Condren gift card!

Articulate It! Application Review

Articulate It! Application Review image
Holy revamp, Batman! When Articulate It! first came out, it was a great app, but it did not have as many features and had an older look to it. Granted, it was one of Smarty Ears' first applications, but to be honest, it kind of turned me off from using the application compared to some of my newer ones. Luckily, Smarty Ears keeps up with updating their applications and realized this fact as well. They did a complete over-haul of this application, as well as some of their others that came out early on. The graphics and style show a significant difference, as well as the content of the application, which makes me feel completely comfortable using it again with my students! Continue reading to learn more about how to use this application!

Back to School Blog Hop!

Back to School Blog Hop! image
Some of you are already back at school while many others start next week. Personally, I start next week, but with all of this preparation, it feels like I started already. Take advantage of my preparation with this freebie that I created for the SLPs Hopping Back Into School blog hop! Before I go into what I created, make sure you continue reading to find out what the prizes you can receive for participating in the blog hop are as well as to find your freebie and the letter I have for your code!

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Games - Lists of Games to Use in Speech-Language Therapy

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Games - Lists of Games to Use in Speech-Language Therapy image
It seems like I never stop creating resource lists. Sometimes they haunt my dreams - at least until I get them done. Finally, I can say that I can check another off my list that I have been working on for months - my games to use in speech-language therapy lists. Originally these were all going to be on one long list, but then, as I started categorizing them, I realized that would not be possible. Around my 1-year blogiversary, I thought I was done with the lists, but of course companies never stop creating new products and games, so I found myself yet again, buried. I went even further down my sink hole when I started visiting Toys R Us, educational stores, and the games/calendar store in the mall with a pad of paper and a pen - jotting down title after title of board games. Finally, I knew I was in for the long-run when I went into the "Word Games" section on That is all okay though because I know that this is a resource that I can stand behind and that all of my hard work has paid off. This is the reason I have not been able to progress to the next letter in my ABCs 4 SLPs series, but now, I feel that I can finally do so! I love being able to go to the store and knowing the reason behind purchasing an item or being able to quickly place something on a lesson plan knowing what skills it covers. Continue reading for the ability to download all six of my resource lists!

Thank You To My Followers, Family, and Friends

I want to publicly say thank you to everyone who has contacted me following my previous blog post about my personal experience with panic attack anxiety disorder. I did not expect the large amount amazing and inspiring comments that I received as well as so many kind and encouraging comments! I received dozens of Facebook comments, e-mails, and comments on my blog post of inspiring stories of others' battles with anxiety disorders, encouraging words, and more of which I intend to respond personally to each and every one. Thank you again for following my blog, your kind words and inspiring stories, and your continuous support!

The Journey to Becoming and Accepting Who I Am - Living With Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder

This is not a blog post I ever expected to write, especially not with the number of people who read my blog. This post is very personal and will offer a look into who I am. This post is not only part of my own therapeutic process, but to offer an exposed view my life with panic attack anxiety disorder, how it has made me who I am today, and how it affects my professional/social relationships. I invite you to continue reading my experience if you would like as I have nothing to hide about my strengths and my difficulties.

Love It And List It Linky Party: Favorite Games For Therapy

Love It And List It Linky Party: Favorite Games For Therapy image
Jenna at Speech Room News has created a new monthly linky party: Love it and List it! For the first month, she asked all of us SLPs/SLP bloggers to list our favorite games to use in speech therapy sessions! To find out what the top games I use in therapy are, continue reading after the break!

What is the Main Idea? Super Fun Deck Product Review

What is the Main Idea? Super Fun Deck Product Review image
My students have loved being answer detectives using secret decoders to find out whether or not they answered a question or filled in the blank of a sentence correctly. Now they can use the secret decoders from Super Duper Publications again to find the main idea of a story! Put on your detective hats and learn more about how to use this super fun deck with your students!

Auditory Processing Studio Application Review

Auditory Processing Studio Application Review image
Want to get down making some beats with Andrew from Virtual Speech Center? Then the reward game of this application is something that you and your students will enjoy! Andrew is back in Virtual Speech Center's Auditory Processing Studio application! Students can work on auditory processing skills with and without background noise using this application. Continue reading for my review of Auditory Processing Studio!

Ring Bling Product Review

Ring Bling Product Review image
For those of you looking at the box of Ring Bling, this isn't Pretty Pretty Princess. Don't be detered by the rings (although I have gotten many a guy in college to play Pretty Pretty Princess). In addition, Ring Bling is not to be confused with the book or film "The Bling Ring" which recently came out in theaters. Although, I do like to think that I am hip enough to say "if you can follow directions then be sure to put a ring on it!" (then again, probably not).

Jokes aside, Ring Bling, the game by Super Duper Publications, is probably the game that provided the most intriguing questions from my students on my counter. It definitely caught their attention with the bright colors and they definitely wanted to collect (if not keep and bring home) as many rings as they could! To learn more about the game that conjured up all of these jokes and questions, be sure to continue reading for my review!

Webber Inferencing Big Deck Product Review

Webber Inferencing Big Deck Product Review image
One deck, two deck, red deck, blue deck, Fun Deck, Big Deck? What's a Big Deck? Most of my Webber Fun Decks from Super Duper Publications fit well into my organized drawers or even on the deck parking garage I got from Super Duper a little while back, but not this one! This is the case where big is really better! With a big, clear, real-life photo on the front and a paragraph with questions on the back, your students will be able to understand real-life application of inferencing skills! Continue reading for my review of the Webber Inferencing Big Deck.

Grammar Chipper Chat Product Review

Grammar Chipper Chat Product Review image
Once you get one Chipper Chat, you can never go back. This is what happened to me when I tried out Vocabulary Chipper Chat with my students and they went bonkers for it! I knew I had to get another set, so I immediately requested the Grammar Chipper Chat to review. I have so many students who are working on grammatical skills, and the Vocabulary Chipper Chat had so many cards that came with it, so I knew that I would get a lot of practice out of this.

Auditory Memory For Dinosaurs And More Fun Deck Product Review

Auditory Memory For Dinosaurs And More Fun Deck Product Review image
When I first found out that Super Duper Publications was coming out with a Fun Deck with dinosaurs, I knew I had to have it. It was even better when I found out that the Fun Deck focused on auditory memory as I have a significant number of students who are working on that skill. Finally, a deck of short stories with questions that would motivate my students! Continue reading for my review of Auditory Memory for Dinosaurs & More!

Quick Take-Along Mini-Books Product Reviews

Quick Take-Along Mini-Books Product Reviews image
Need a product great for RtI or quick drill? Want something pocket sized so you don't need a carry-all cart to drag between rooms? Then these products are perfect for you! It is not often that can say that I have collaborated with the person who thought of a product, but I am always excited to see a fellow collaborator's name written on something I own. The concept of these can be attributed to Natalie E. Snyders, M.S. CCC-SLP of the following Teachers Pay Teachers store and Facebook page - and Continue reading for my review of three of these great take alongs - Inferencing, Social Skills, and Auditory Processing!

208 Irregular Verbs Playing Cards With Secret Decoder Product Review

208 Irregular Verbs Playing Cards With Secret Decoder Product Review image
My students are always asking to play games. I constantly have to remind them that speech is  not all about games...except when you can work on skills specific to speech goals. The Irregular Verbs Playing Cards make saying "yes" to their request for games easy. To learn more about how we used the playing cards in therapy, continue reading.

Conversation TherAppy Application Review

Conversation TherAppy Application Review image
Tactus Therapy Solutions is known for making high-quality applications to use with adults, but did you know that many of their applications can be used with children and teenagers by taking advantage of the settings? Not only is this wonderful because there are not many applications out there for adults with communication disorders but also because it makes their applications worth the price since you can use them with a variety of clients. Their latest application, Conversation TherAppy is probably my favorite application due to the amount of settings, data collection, use with multiple clients at once, and ability to customize the content. Continue reading for my review of Conversation TherAppy!

Syllables Splash Application Review

Syllables Splash Application Review image
Make a splash this summer with your clients using Syllables Splash! This application is an under the sea motivational dream! With an underwater diving theme and characters to assist in syllable awareness, this application is not only great for phonological awareness but fun! Continue reading for my review of this entertaining syllable awareness application!

Auditory Analysis (USA) Application Review

Auditory Analysis (USA) Application Review image
This is my first review of an application on an Android device. This is exciting for me but also a bit intimidating as I rarely use Android devices, so I do not know as much about their overall settings. The device I am reviewing this on is a Nexus 7 tablet. I will be honest that I do not know how to take screenshots of the screen, so I did take photos with my own camera which are not as good of quality as a screenshot would be. I do not currently bring this to school as it is my fiance's device and not my own, but he is kind enough to let me borrow it to do this review as well as those in the future. He also was kind enough to install the application, Auditory Analysis, for me from the developer (as a file, not from the store itself), so I am definitely grateful to have him around (afterall, there wouldn't be this website without him either)! Hopefully I do not mess up this review too much with my lack of knowledge of Android devices, but the great thing is that it will pave a path towards more Android application reviews and hopefully better ones! Who knows, maybe I'll like the Android system so much that I'll want one for myself! Anyhow, continue reading for my review of Auditory Analysis available for use on Android tablets.

Apraxia Ville Application Review

Apraxia Ville Application Review image
At the school where I work, there is quite the incidence of students of students with childhood apraxia of speech and severe phonological delays in Kindergarten and first grade. It is hard to find applications at the right level for each student in particular because some students prefer real-life images and text to animated or illustrated images, even if I am working with a group of students. This can be frustrating as what they really need to work on is the content regardless of context. Therefore, I try to motivate my students in whichever way works the best whether its flashcards, real-life images, an animated application, cues, etc. Apraxia Ville has definitely been a motivating application for my students who prefer animated and illustrated images or need an animated cue of mouth movement on an age-appropriate model instead of staring at my face all of the time. For more information about Apraxia Ville and its use, continue reading.

I Dare You Articulation Application Review

I Dare You Articulation Application Review image
If you loved Erik X. Raj's Multiple Choice Articulation application, then you will like his latest application - I Dare You Articulation! Take all of the great parts from Multiple Choice Articulation - the narration, the fun, the motivational factors, the simplicity and cleanness of the application - and exponentially add more motivation/fun! What you get is I Dare You Articulation! Believe me and picture this - groups of third and fourth grade students coming into my classroom and expecting drill practice sit at the table to begin speech; during the session they are out of their seats, giggling, and motivated to move on to practice the next articulation sentence; after the session, students are all out of their seats begging me to play the application again! I kid you not, I have never seen my third and fourth graders so motivated and energized at 8:15 am to practice their articulation sounds! Continue reading to learn more about how to use this application to spice up your articulation therapy sessions!

Reading Comprehension Camp Application Review

Reading Comprehension Camp Application Review image
I have a significant number of students on my caseload who either have auditory processing disorder, language processing disorder, or a learning disability. We work over and over again on their ability to recall information from a story in an organized, sequential manner. In our fourth grade classrooms, each student has an iPad, so whenever my students are able to bring theirs to therapy, they are extremely excited! I ended up installing Reading Comprehension Camp on two iPads for my fourth graders to use simultaneously and was able to choose the question types that they had the most difficulty on. It was a life-saver and a great motivator for them to be able to use this application! To learn more about how you can use it in therapy, continue reading!

Free Materials to Promote Better Speech and Hearing Month 2013!

Free Materials to Promote Better Speech and Hearing Month 2013! image
Last year, I wrote a post about free materials that you can use for Better Hearing and Speech Month! This year, with the rise of SLP bloggers, there are significantly more materials for you to print and use for free! My post will begin with the list from last year, followed by new materials created this year! To find these free, downloadable, printable materials, continue reading!

Discounted Apps, Product Sales, Giveaways, Events, and Donations for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2013

Discounted Apps, Product Sales, Giveaways, Events, and Donations for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2013 image
Each year during the month of May, us speech-language pathologists and audiologists celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month! Many companies, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists offer information, handouts, sales, giveaways, and more to promote better speech and hearing. We not only promote better speech and hearing but celebrate those speech-language pathologists and audiologists during the month who work hard to provide the best therapy for those with communication disorders. To learn which companies are celebrating with sales, giveaways, and events or to find out how you can donate to speech-language pathologists/audiologists and organizations providing therapy for communication disorders, continue reading!

Spring Into Speech Blog Hop - Stop 16

Spring Into Speech Blog Hop - Stop 16 image
Welcome to Consonantly Speaking! I am happy to be the second to last (16th) stop on your blog hop quest! For those of you who are new to my blog, my name is Jessica Chase and I am a speech-language pathologist who works at a K-12 school district. On this blog, I post information about speech-language pathology, materials for speech-language pathologists to use in their practice, therapy ideas, reviews on products and applications to use in speech-language therapy, and more. After you are done with the blog hop, I welcome you all to come back and visit my blog anytime!

For those of you who are regular followers, I am participating in the Spring Into Speech Blog Hop as the 16th stop! Continue reading to find more information on how to participate to download freebies for your therapy room as well as to enter to win prizes, the participants, and to download my free item for the blog hop as well!

Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) Sales, Freebies, Giveaways, and Donations

Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) Sales, Freebies, Giveaways, and Donations image
Autism Awareness Day is today, April 2nd, 2013. There are many ways to show your support, donate money, or get some discounts on products and apps. This year is no different, and for your convenience, I have compiled a list of app sales, giveaways, discounts, donations, etc. in support of Autism Awareness Day. Continue reading for categorized lists of these items! I hope you find them helpful!

Speech FlipBook Application Review

Speech FlipBook Application Review image
You've seen the flipbooks made out of notecard flipbooks with binding on Pinterest. Images of these have been shared thousands of times. In fact, I had even created my own. Unfortunately, I often would misplace the small notecard flipbook, children would accidentally tear the pages when turning them, if you use marker, it will bleed through the paper, and if the edges were not cut the same way, it would be difficult and rather annoying to flip the pages. There is only one other flipbook application for speech, and it comes with one sound but is $9.99 for each additional sound. If you're anything like me, you cannot afford to pay that much for in-app purchases for multiple sounds. To read my review of this application, continue reading below.

Blast Into Spring With an Out of This World Giveaway!

I am so excited to be participating in yet ANOTHER giveaway! This time, it is with numerous speech-language pathologist bloggers and TpT materials creators! It is being hosted by the amazing Kathryn at Kids Games for Speech Therapy! The giveaway is titled "Blast Off Into Spring!" which I am incredibly excited to do! You can click the links at the end of the post to view the selection of sponsored products for yourself.

Blast Off Into Spring Giveaway


  • The 1st Prize Winner will receive a $25 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus all of the following Speech Therapy product downloads.
  • The 2nd Prize Winner will receive a $10 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus 10 downloads.
  • The 3rd Prize Winner will receive a $10 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus 2 downloads.
You can enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Continue reading to view a list of the prizes you could win!

First TpT Materials!

First TpT Materials! image
It's been a long time coming. For months and months I have written so many ideas down in my notebooks about different materials that I wanted to create. Materials that would not only help my students, but that I could share with others! After a year of app reviews and free materials, I realized that managing a blog without a profit it very difficult. As much as I would LOVE to make everything free forever, I need to support this website, my new website (Speechie Freebies), my wedding, and make sure that the time I spend after the long school day doesn't only cause me stress, but something comes out of it.

Sales on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) rolled by and I sat by watching. Blog hops and giveaways passed and I had nothing to contribute. I created my first material around the beginning of winter, but I wasn't quite sure how to market it. Finally, I set my foot down and decided that I needed to have something completed by the St. Patrick's sale on TpT and our upcoming SLP giveaway (see next post). To see my latest products, continue reading!

Speechie Freebies 1-Month/1,000 Follower Giveaway!

Speechie Freebies 1-Month/1,000 Follower Giveaway! image
A month ago, myself along with 9 other speech-language pathology bloggers, started a collaborative website to share free, downloadable materials to use in your speech therapy sessions. As of March 1st, we celebrated not only a one-month anniversary of starting the website, but over 1,000 followers on Facebook for our website! As a thank you to our followers, we would like to celebrate with a giveaway! Read below to learn about the awesome gift cards and Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) products we are giving away, and to enter to possibly win some of them!

So2Speak and So2Speak Plus Application Reviews

So2Speak and So2Speak Plus Application Reviews image
I work on a regular basis with children who have various difficulties with speech and language, but when I was in graduate school, I worked with clients who had aphasia and/or suffered from a brain injury. It has been a few years since I have worked with an adult in speech-language therapy, but I still consider myself knowledgeable enough to give advice the area as I keep up on the literature. When I was contacted to review the So2Speak and So2Speak+ applications for the iPad, I was delighted to provide detailed information of how to use the application in speech-language therapy.

So2Speak and So2Speak+ are two applications that are strongly associated with each other in the fact that one is for speech-language pathologists to create a home practice program and the other is for patients to use the home practice program themselves. Created by Claire Mitchell, a speech-language therapist at the University of Manchester, this application works on oral motor exercises and techniques for patients following a stroke, brain injury, or diagnosis of aphasia. You can view more information on their website about the application and how it was made or the video below:

Continue reading for my review of So2Speak and So2Speak+!

Sort This Out Pack Application Review

Sort This Out Pack Application Review image
Choo choo! The categorization train is pulling into an iTunes store near you! TBox Apps has just released another great application called Sort This Out Pack! The game has a train theme, is customizable, and great for young children! Learn how you can use this application in speech-language therapy by continuing to read this post!

iTooch Elementary School Application Review

iTooch Elementary School Application Review image
As a speech-language pathologist, I always look for ways to incorporate academics from other classes into my lessons. I can get all of the vocabulary lists I want, but then I have to create lessons about the vocabulary and visuals and more. It can be quite time consuming, especially if I am not familiar with some of the terms myself (especially in math and science, which are not my fortes). I have reviewed lots of applications related to speech-language therapy, but not many related to academics. When I was contacted to review iTooch Elementary School, I was excited to check out an application that I might be able to use with my students who are working on vocabulary skills in different subjects! Continue reading to learn how to use this application in your speech-language therapy sessions!

Socially Speaking Application Review

Socially Speaking Application Review image
I have reviewed many applications over the past year, but I have never reviewed an application that could be used to assess or screen a students' speech and language. When Penina Rybak, M.A. CCC-SLP contacted me to review her Socially Speaking application, I was thrilled. The best part was that I was in the middle of assessing a students' social skills at the time. Continue reading to learn more about how to use this application in your speech and language evaluations!

Consonantly Speaking's 1,111 Facebook Follower iTunes Giftcard Giveaway!

Consonantly Speaking's 1,111 Facebook Follower iTunes Giftcard Giveaway! image
It is almost my 1 year "blogaversary" (Feb. 15th to be exact) and I just recently hit over 1,000 fans on Facebook (1,111 to be exact). Yes, I do have over 6,000 of you on Pinterest, hundreds on Twitter, and I'm sure more via Google Reader, RSS Feed, and those who check my site every-so-often. However, for some reason, I feel that getting to 1,000 followers on Facebook is a feat. Companies and blogs on Facebook can connect more closely with their readers without being limited to a number of characters or an image. Therefore, having 1,000 followers means a lot to me.

I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas, and materials for speech-language pathology. Then, on February 1st, I expanded this onto a new website - Speechie Freebies - so that other bloggers who are speech-language pathologists could give back to their readers via free materials for speech-language therapy.

I will blog more about Speechie Freebies and my past year blogging within the week. This post is all about giving back to you!

I have heard so many great stories and received so many great comments from you over the past year that have really enforced the reason why I keep blogging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas, stories, suggestions, and more with me! Also, I am very thankful for the speech-language pathology blogging community, who look out for each other. I am so glad to have made new friendships and to have collaborated with so many different people to do such great things! I look forward to continuing to bring you new content, materials, reviews, giveaways, and more!

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Educators Have a Big Heart Giveaway!

Educators Have a Big Heart Giveaway! image
As you may have heard, many great education and speech-language pathology bloggers are participating in an amazing giveaway: the "Educators Have a Big Heart" giveaway! With the rise of teachers on TeachersPayTeachers and the recent rise of speech-language pathologists on this website as well, we wanted to get together and thank our followers by holding a HUGE giveaway! In addition, this can benefit teachers and speech-language pathologists alike by being able to get new resources to help their students' education! Not only can you enter to win an Amazon gift card to buy a particular item that you've had your eyes on for your classroom, but you can get a TeachersPayTeachers gift card as well to download some new resources made by your fellow teachers AND get five resources of your choosing (from a list) from TeachersPayTeachers! This giveaway supports teachers, speech-language pathologists, and students - I think that's something we all LOVE! Continue reading to find out how to enter this giveaway!

Caught You Using Good Speech!

Caught You Using Good Speech! image
When I first saw the "Caught You Being Good" fishbowl from Wolfelicious/Third Grade is a Hoot and [simply speech.]'s adaptation "Spotted You Using Good Speech" for behavior management, I knew I wanted to use the idea in my speech classroom. However, I had a different idea for it. What if I could adapt it for carryover of speech skills in the classroom setting AND goal awareness for the teachers? So I did! Continue reading to see how I adapted these fish bowl ideas for carryover in the classroom and to download my free cards to go along with it!

Fluently Application Review

Fluently Application Review image
Finally, a self-monitoring visual tool on the iTunes App Store for people who stutter! Balbus Speech, creator of Speech4Good, has recently created a new application for people who stutter called "Fluently"! This application is revolutionary in the field of speech-language pathology as nothing like it has ever been this portable! Continue reading to learn about how to use the application in therapy as well as to encourage carry-over of fluency strategies at home!

iSpot Pro For Kids Application Review

iSpot Pro For Kids Application Review image
After a successful spot the differences application for all ages, Mayuir Sidhpara has created an all new version just for kids! The artwork and gamepack choices are ideal for children and focus on everyday situations! This application greatly improves on the previous one, making it user friendly and motivating for children! Continue reading to learn how you can use this application in speech therapy sessions!

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