Consonantly Speaking's Favorite iPad Apps to Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions 2012 Edition: Part 2

Consonantly Speaking's Favorite iPad Apps to Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions 2012 Edition: Part 2 image
Here is the second post in the series of my favorite applications for the iPad in speech-language therapy. You can view the first post here. This post will encompass the remainder of therapy tools on my iPad as well as my favorites in the following categories (and more):

  • Receptive Language
  • Auditory Processing/Following Directions
  • Questions
  • Categorization
  • Story Sequence
  • Story Comprehension
  • Social Stories
  • Social Story Creators
  • Social Skills
  • Emotions
  • Idioms
Again, before I begin the long list, I want to write a disclaimer here. I do not believe that applications or software of any sort are a "cure" for speech and language disorders or that they should be used as the sole-treatment method. One should not use a speech and language application for therapy purposes without consulting with a speech-language pathologist or other qualified professional first whether it be for speech-language skill practice at home or therapy. Some applications should be used solely under the observation of the speech-language pathologist or other qualified professional. Applications and software for therapy purposes should be used as tools/materials for the speech-language pathologist to assist in remediation of communication disorders after reading information on how to use the application and appropriately use it under evidence based practice. Not many applications have been researched for use with people who have speech-language disorders and others are "based on" research but have not been researched themselves.

Continue reading to learn about the rest of the applications I have on my iPad and which ones are my favorites!

Consonantly Speaking's Favorite iPad Apps to Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions 2012 Edition Part 2 icon

Receptive Language Apps

Consonantly Speaking Receptive Language Apps

Overall Receptive Language Apps

Consonantly Speaking Overall Receptive Language Apps

Favorite Overall Receptive Language Apps -Describe It and Talk About It: Objects Pro

Auditory Processing & Following Directions Apps

Consonantly Speaking Auditory Processing & Following Directions Apps

Favorite Auditory Processing/Following Directions Apps - Fun With Directions HD, More Fun With Directions HD, and Auditory Workout

Question Apps

Consonantly Speaking Question Apps

Favorite Question Apps - WH Question Cards Pro and WH Questions Island

Catgorization Apps

Consonantly Speaking Categorization Apps

Favorite Categorical Naming App - Name That Category

Favorite App for Naming/Placing Items in a Category - Category Carousel

Favorite App for Item Exclusion From a Given Category - Odd One Out Pack and What Does Not Belong

Favorite Overall Elementary Categorization Apps - Categories Learning Center and I Can Do Categories

Favorite Overall Intermediate Categorization App - Category TherAppy

Association Apps

Consonantly Speaking Association Apps

Favorite Association Apps - I Can Do Associations, ABA Problem Solving Which Go Together, and Go Togethers

Opposites/Antonyms/Synonyms/Compare/Contrast Apps

Consonantly Speaking Opposites Synonyms Antonyms Compare & Contrast Apps

Favorite Opposite Story Apps - You and Me: We're Opposites and I Say...You Say

Favorite Opposite Apps - Opposites Fun Deck and Opposite Day

Favorite Opposite Game Apps - The Opposites and Opposite Match

Favorite Synonym/Antonym App - Frankenstein Matchmaker

Favorite Compare/Contrast Apps - CompareNContrast and Compare and Contrast Fun Deck

Story Sequence Apps

Consonantly Speaking Story Sequence Apps

Favorite Story Sequence App - iSequences and Making Sequences

Memory Apps

Consonantly Speaking Memory Apps

Favorite Memory App - Memory Train

Story Comprehension Apps

Consonantly Speaking Story Comprehension Apps

Favorite Story Comprehension App - To be honest, I haven't spent much time with any of these applications. From what I've tried briefly, the TeacherMate Stories and Teacher Created Resources apps look promising and I cannot wait to investigate them further.

Consonantly Speaking Overall Language Apps

Favorite Overall Language App - To be honest, these apps are all great that I cannot decide. Each of these apps is one that my students ask for quite frequently, so let's go with all four: Fun and Functional, Language Adventures, iLearn With Boing: Ocean Adventures, and Pocket Lexi

Social Story Apps

Consonantly Speaking Social Story Apps

Favorite Social Story Apps - Due to the fact that there is a social story out there for pretty much everything and students' needs are different at different times, I am not going to choose a particular application. I will say that if you are looking for some great apps in this area, look at the Wonkido apps, Touch Autism apps, and Listen.Talk.Draw LLC apps.

Social Story Creator Apps

Consonantly Speaking Social Story Creator Apps

Favorite Social Story Creator Apps - i Create...Social Skills Stories and Stories2Learn; lots of story creator applications can also be used to create social stories as well

Social Skill Apps

Consonantly Speaking Social Skill Apps

Favorite Social Skill Apps - Social Express and Social Quest

Favorite Conversation Skill Apps - Conversation Builder Deluxe and Conversation Builder Teen

Favorite Problem Solving Apps - WH Questions at School Fun Deck, WH Questions at Home Fun Deck, What Would You Do at School If...Fun Deck, What Would You Do at Home If...Fun Deck, Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck, How Would You Feel If...Fun Deck, and Let's Talk About Self Control

Consonantly Speaking Conversation Starter Apps

Favorite Conversation Starter/Topic App - Table Topics

Emotion Apps

Consonantly Speaking Emotion Apps

Favorite Emotion Apps - Emotion Detective and I Can Do Emotions

Social Inference Apps

Consonantly Speaking Social Inference Apps

Favorite Social Inference/Nonverbal Communication Apps - The Between the Lines app series and Understanding Inferences Fun Deck

Idiom and Figurative Language Apps

Consonantly Speaking Idiom and Figurative Language Apps

Favorite Idiom and Figurative Language Apps - Phrase Stress, English Idioms Illustrated, and the Kidioms series

Be on the lookout in the future for my favorite Pretend Play and Book Apps! Click here to view Part 1 of my favorite speech-language therapy apps on my iPad in 2012!


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