So2Speak and So2Speak Plus Application Reviews

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I work on a regular basis with children who have various difficulties with speech and language, but when I was in graduate school, I worked with clients who had aphasia and/or suffered from a brain injury. It has been a few years since I have worked with an adult in speech-language therapy, but I still consider myself knowledgeable enough to give advice the area as I keep up on the literature. When I was contacted to review the So2Speak and So2Speak+ applications for the iPad, I was delighted to provide detailed information of how to use the application in speech-language therapy.

So2Speak and So2Speak+ are two applications that are strongly associated with each other in the fact that one is for speech-language pathologists to create a home practice program and the other is for patients to use the home practice program themselves. Created by Claire Mitchell, a speech-language therapist at the University of Manchester, this application works on oral motor exercises and techniques for patients following a stroke, brain injury, or diagnosis of aphasia. You can view more information on their website about the application and how it was made or the video below:

Continue reading for my review of So2Speak and So2Speak+!

Sort This Out Pack Application Review

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Choo choo! The categorization train is pulling into an iTunes store near you! TBox Apps has just released another great application called Sort This Out Pack! The game has a train theme, is customizable, and great for young children! Learn how you can use this application in speech-language therapy by continuing to read this post!

iTooch Elementary School Application Review

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As a speech-language pathologist, I always look for ways to incorporate academics from other classes into my lessons. I can get all of the vocabulary lists I want, but then I have to create lessons about the vocabulary and visuals and more. It can be quite time consuming, especially if I am not familiar with some of the terms myself (especially in math and science, which are not my fortes). I have reviewed lots of applications related to speech-language therapy, but not many related to academics. When I was contacted to review iTooch Elementary School, I was excited to check out an application that I might be able to use with my students who are working on vocabulary skills in different subjects! Continue reading to learn how to use this application in your speech-language therapy sessions!

Socially Speaking Application Review

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I have reviewed many applications over the past year, but I have never reviewed an application that could be used to assess or screen a students' speech and language. When Penina Rybak, M.A. CCC-SLP contacted me to review her Socially Speaking application, I was thrilled. The best part was that I was in the middle of assessing a students' social skills at the time. Continue reading to learn more about how to use this application in your speech and language evaluations!

Consonantly Speaking's 1,111 Facebook Follower iTunes Giftcard Giveaway!

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It is almost my 1 year "blogaversary" (Feb. 15th to be exact) and I just recently hit over 1,000 fans on Facebook (1,111 to be exact). Yes, I do have over 6,000 of you on Pinterest, hundreds on Twitter, and I'm sure more via Google Reader, RSS Feed, and those who check my site every-so-often. However, for some reason, I feel that getting to 1,000 followers on Facebook is a feat. Companies and blogs on Facebook can connect more closely with their readers without being limited to a number of characters or an image. Therefore, having 1,000 followers means a lot to me.

I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas, and materials for speech-language pathology. Then, on February 1st, I expanded this onto a new website - Speechie Freebies - so that other bloggers who are speech-language pathologists could give back to their readers via free materials for speech-language therapy.

I will blog more about Speechie Freebies and my past year blogging within the week. This post is all about giving back to you!

I have heard so many great stories and received so many great comments from you over the past year that have really enforced the reason why I keep blogging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas, stories, suggestions, and more with me! Also, I am very thankful for the speech-language pathology blogging community, who look out for each other. I am so glad to have made new friendships and to have collaborated with so many different people to do such great things! I look forward to continuing to bring you new content, materials, reviews, giveaways, and more!

To enter my 1,111 Facebook follower giveaway for your chance to win one of two $10 iTunes gift card codes, enter the Rafflecopter below:

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Educators Have a Big Heart Giveaway!

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As you may have heard, many great education and speech-language pathology bloggers are participating in an amazing giveaway: the "Educators Have a Big Heart" giveaway! With the rise of teachers on TeachersPayTeachers and the recent rise of speech-language pathologists on this website as well, we wanted to get together and thank our followers by holding a HUGE giveaway! In addition, this can benefit teachers and speech-language pathologists alike by being able to get new resources to help their students' education! Not only can you enter to win an Amazon gift card to buy a particular item that you've had your eyes on for your classroom, but you can get a TeachersPayTeachers gift card as well to download some new resources made by your fellow teachers AND get five resources of your choosing (from a list) from TeachersPayTeachers! This giveaway supports teachers, speech-language pathologists, and students - I think that's something we all LOVE! Continue reading to find out how to enter this giveaway!

Caught You Using Good Speech!

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When I first saw the "Caught You Being Good" fishbowl from Wolfelicious/Third Grade is a Hoot and [simply speech.]'s adaptation "Spotted You Using Good Speech" for behavior management, I knew I wanted to use the idea in my speech classroom. However, I had a different idea for it. What if I could adapt it for carryover of speech skills in the classroom setting AND goal awareness for the teachers? So I did! Continue reading to see how I adapted these fish bowl ideas for carryover in the classroom and to download my free cards to go along with it!

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