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When I first saw the "Caught You Being Good" fishbowl from Wolfelicious/Third Grade is a Hoot and [simply speech.]'s adaptation "Spotted You Using Good Speech" for behavior management, I knew I wanted to use the idea in my speech classroom. However, I had a different idea for it. What if I could adapt it for carryover of speech skills in the classroom setting AND goal awareness for the teachers? So I did! Continue reading to see how I adapted these fish bowl ideas for carryover in the classroom and to download my free cards to go along with it!

Carryover of speech skills into the classroom, everyday, and home settings - it's something that speech-language pathologists work towards with each student and it can sometimes give us a headache. A student may be meeting his or her goal at 80-100% in our speech rooms, but once he or she leaves our room, his or her speech intelligibility lowers. I kept trying to think of a way to monitor a students' progress on his or her goals in the classroom setting. Then, I realized that I may be looking at the situation all wrong. Instead of monitoring, I should be motivating and raising awareness of both the student and the teachers! Finally, an idea came to my head after seeing two great fishbowl ideas for behavior skills:

Caught Ya Being Good fishbowl

First, I saw this great fishbowl on Pinterest, which linked to a blog post on Wolfelicious about positive behavior reinforcement. It is a guest post from the blog Third Grade is a Hoot which talks about passing out behavior notes when a student is spotted on his or her best behavior! The slip gets placed in the above bowl. When the teacher needs a helper (i.e. a student to bring something to the office/etc.), she draws a name out of the bowl to be the teacher helper.

Spotted Using Good Speech fishbowl

Then, I saw [simply speech.]'s adaptation on her blog post. She also uses this idea for behavior management. Students in her speech classroom are placed on a behavior chart depending on their behavior choices during their speech time. If a student makes good behavior choices during speech therapy time he or she will get to put a slip (or two or three) in the fishbowl. When it is full, she draws five slips to allow five students to draw a prize from the treasure box!

Caught You Using Good Speech fishbowl

Here is my idea of how to use this fishbowl idea for carryover of speech in the classroom setting. First, notify the teachers of each students' specific speech goals. Have them look at their students IEPs, create a summary the students' IEP to give to them, or create a worksheet with a students' speech goals on them and give this to each teacher who works with the student. Then, give the teacher a stack these cards, printed and cut out on cardstock paper:

Caught You Using Good Speech cards

The cards have the teacher write a short summary of the goal in which the student practiced using correctly and initial the card. Then, the teacher can give the card to the student to place in the jar in the speech-language pathologists' room. Once a week or once a month, depending on how many cards are in the jar, the speech-language pathologist can draw a name out for the student to visit the prize box!

You can download these fun, motivational cards for free here on my TpT account! Thanks for stopping by if you're from the new collaborative blog, Speechie Freebies, or if you are one of my followers already! I would love for new and old followers alike to enjoy this free download!


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