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Choo choo! The categorization train is pulling into an iTunes store near you! TBox Apps has just released another great application called Sort This Out Pack! The game has a train theme, is customizable, and great for young children! Learn how you can use this application in speech-language therapy by continuing to read this post!

Main Page

Sort This Out Pack Main Page

The Main Page of the application shows two buttons at the bottom: Settings and Play.


Press the "Settings" button to go to the Settings Menu. There is a sign on the left hand side of the page with the following different options:

Plan Your Journey

In the application, the train stops at four different stations. You can rename each station if you wish by pressing on its name and typing in a new name on the keyboard. Choose the two categories to be used at each station by pressing on the category name and choosing a different category from the scroll wheel.

Sort This Out Pack Set Categories

Set Categories

You can add new categories, edit categories, edit items, add new items, delete categories, and delete items by pressing the "Set Categories" button. You can view all of the pre-created categories and illustrated items within them including:

  • Plants: bush, forest, reeds, cactus, seedling, tree, pot plant, daisy, poppy, tulip, daffodil
  • Toys: snacks and ladders, dominoes, Chinese checkers, board game, toy train, teddy bear, blocks, robot, balloon, chess, kite, doll
  • Bedroom: pyjamas, double bed, dresser, cushion, cot, bunk beds, wardrobe, mattress, sheet, bed, blanket, pillow
  • Music: electric guitar, recorder, xylophone, maracas, keyboard, drum, guitar, whistle, flute, violin, trumpet, saxophone
  • Body Parts: feet, elbow, mouth, nose, neck, toe, finger, eye, ear, teeth, leg, arm
  • Weather: freezing, cold, hot, humid, rainbow, lightning, cloudy, sunny, wind, rain, snow, sun
  • Drinks: milkshake, hot chocolate, soft drink, cola, smoothie, bottle of water, water, milk, juice, coffee, tea, juice box
  • Sports: bowling ball, squash racquet, helmet, bat and ball, ball, float, trunks, goggles, football boots, basketball, football (soccerball in the US), tennis racquet
  • School: chalk, crayon, teacher, book, desk, notepad, glue, sticky tape, ruler, stapler, pen, pencil
  • Ocean: shark, jelly fish, octopus, coral, whale, dolphin, fish, sand, lobster, crab, shell, sea weed
  • Cleaning: laundry powder, cleaner, scrubbing, dustpan and brush, toilet cleaner, rubber gloves, cleaning spray, feather duster, broom, mop, vacuum, duster
  • Shapes: oval, star, rhombus, pyramid, semi-circle, cube, cylinder, diamond, oblong (rectangle in the US), circle, triangle, square
  • House: stairs, room, carpet, fire place, drain, curtains, floor, wall, chimney, roof, door, window
  • Insects: dragon fly, cricket, cockroach, centipede, fly, beetle, ant, spider, caterpillar, snail, butterfly, bee
  • Animals: turtle, pig, sheep, bear, goose, goat, cow, mouse, lion, elephant, dog, cat
  • Clothes: wellingtons (boots in US), vest, rain coat, t-shirt, jacket, trousers (pants in US), shirt, scarf, socks, hat, gloves, sweater
  • Tools: garden fork, nails, drill, saw, pliers, spanner (wrench in US), chisel, hammer, screwdriver, rake, bolt cutter, shovel
  • Bathroom: towel, toilet paper, shaving kit, perfume, comb, brush, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath, shower
  • Kitchen: cup, kettle, frying pan, microwave, bowl, plate, saucepan, toaster, fork, knife, teapot, mug
  • Transport: narrow boat, truck, tractor, motorbike, bicycle, ambulance, canoe, yacht, bus, train, aeroplane (airplane in US), helicopter
  • Vegetables: beans, red pepper, peas, courgette (zucchini), celery, lettuce, cauliflower, pumpkin, broccoli, mushroom, potato, carrot
  • Fruit: cherry, clementine, grapefruit, lime, orange, lemon, strawberry, plum, apricot, grapes, banana, apple
You can add a new category to the list by pressing the "Add" button. Then, type in the category's name via the keyboard by pressing the white rectangular box. Add the photo related to the category by taking a photo or using one from the Camera Roll. If you would like to add an item to a category, press the "Add Photo" button once a category has been chosen. You can then choose a photo from your Camera Roll or take a photo. Add the name to the item by pressing within the white rectangular box via the keyboard. You can also add sound or speech to an item by pressing "Record" and then "Stop" when you are done recording. Press "Save" when you have completed adding an item. If you are adding items to a new category, you must have at least four items prior to saving it. New categories will be added to the top of the Categories list.

Other Settings

There are five other settings to customize prior to using the application:

  • Errorless Learning: Turn this option on or off via a switch. If turned on, the user will only be able to move items to the correct carriage.
  • Music Loop: Turn this option on/off via a switch to allow background music to loop throughout the application or not.
  • Item Audio: Turn this option on/off for the option to have audio played for a given item or not.
  • Audio Support: Turn this option on/off for audio support to be played or not.
  • Display Settings: You can choose which display option you would like for a given user between showing an image only, text only, or the image and text via application play.

The results page will show the number of stations the user has completed out of four. It also shows which categories were practiced at each station. Finally, you can e-mail the results via a PDF document by pressing the "E-Mail" button. To e-mail the PDF, you must have your e-mail associated with the "Mail" application and have internet access.

How To Play

Pressing the "How to Play" button will show the user how to use the application via images and text in an album at the top right hand corner of the page. You can also e-mail TBoxApps for support by pressing the "Support" button at the top of the album. You must have your e-mail account associated with the "Mail" application on your iPad and have internet access to do so.

More Apps

Pressing the "More Apps" button will show more applications developed by TBoxApps and also have buttons in which you can press to head to the App Store to purchase the other apps.

Application Play

Sort This Out Pack Train

To begin application play, press the "Play" button on the main page. A truck will back up at a train station and dump eight boxes out of the back. Then, a train will pull into the station. The application will zoom into two different cars and the narrator (if audio is on) will state the directions of the application. Drag and drop items into the squares of the associated cars. The category for each car will be shown at the top of the car. Press an image to hear its name stated aloud (if the option is turned on). If any of the items are in the incorrect categories, minus buttons will appear next to the items that are incorrectly placed. One can press, drag, and drop these items into the correct car. Once items have been correctly placed into the appropriate categories on the train, fireworks will show and the narrator will state, along with text, "Well Done"! Then, the train will animate going to the next station. If you would like, you can press the "Pause" button to pause application play. After all four stations have been completed, the application will state that the journey has been completed and show the "Results" page.

Sort This Out Pack Correct Categories

What I Like About This Application:

  • The fact that the application is customizable makes it easy to work on specific categories with students.
  • The entire theme of the application is train based.
  • This application is perfect for young children who are working on categorization skills.
  • There are already multiple categories and items preloaded.
  • The items in a given category presented vary each time the application is played.
  • You can add your own images and record audio to go along with them!
What I Would Like to See in Future Updates:

  • I say this about multiple applications, but I would love it if there could be multiple user profiles.
  • It would be great to have a report state which category items a student got wrong.
  • I would love it if there were an option for US or UK English spellings/audio to be used.
  • I know this might cause an additional cost, but it would be nice to have pre-installed images to choose from when creating new categories.
Therapy Use:

  • Articulation - Place images in a given category for different sounds. Have students sort the images by sound and say the words. You can even use the application for minimal pairs and auditory discrimination of words.
  • Categorization - This application is all about placing items in different categories. Use the pre-installed categories or create your own to have students place items in categories.
  • Vocabulary - Teach children various vocabulary through visual illustrations/images, categories, and more. Create categories for specific vocabulary lessons.
  • Describing - Have children describe different aspects of items that are put into categories such as their shapes, sizes, colors, function, etc.
  • Compare and Contrast - Have children compare and contrast various items within a category or contrast the two different categories presented.

Sort This Out Pack is available for the iPad and iPad Mini for $13.99.

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