First TpT Materials!

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It's been a long time coming. For months and months I have written so many ideas down in my notebooks about different materials that I wanted to create. Materials that would not only help my students, but that I could share with others! After a year of app reviews and free materials, I realized that managing a blog without a profit it very difficult. As much as I would LOVE to make everything free forever, I need to support this website, my new website (Speechie Freebies), my wedding, and make sure that the time I spend after the long school day doesn't only cause me stress, but something comes out of it.

Sales on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) rolled by and I sat by watching. Blog hops and giveaways passed and I had nothing to contribute. I created my first material around the beginning of winter, but I wasn't quite sure how to market it. Finally, I set my foot down and decided that I needed to have something completed by the St. Patrick's sale on TpT and our upcoming SLP giveaway (see next post). To see my latest products, continue reading!

Matching Plurals Preview

Christmastime Plurals cardsChristmastime Plurals cards 2

Gingerbread Man Game

My first product was Christmastime Plurals. This product includes flashcards with singular and plural noun matches, fill in the blank cloze sentences to choose whether a singular or plural noun is appropriate for the sentence, and a Gingerbread Man board game. It is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $2!

Domo Arigato I Sound Like A Robot-O CardsFluency Pacing Robot

My second product, created and posted for the "Blast Off Into Spring" SLP giveaway, is "Domo-Arigato I Sound Like A Robot-O"! I had a lot of fun creating this product! A portion of the product includes my previously created, free, Fluency Pacing Robot from a guest post I did a while back. Don't worry! It's still free as a "Preview"! The newest activity will have your students speaking like robots, pacing out short sentences with multisyllabic words and robot-like phrases! The entire 19 page packet is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $3!

Appropriate Conversation Partners iconAppropriate Conversation Partners preview

Appropriate Conversation QuotesPeople Who I Talk To Visual

Appropriate Conversation Partners & Topics Social Skill Story

Finally, I have been working on an amazing activity, which originally started as something I was making for a particular client, related to late elementary/middle school social skills. The product primarily focuses on appropriate conversations. This was also the first product I have created using Smarty Symbols, which I have a signed license to use for my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  "Appropriate Conversation Topics, Appropriate Conversation Partners" is a 43 page packet which includes a visual of four different conversation partner groups (friends, family, teachers/adults you know, and safe strangers), conversation topic and conversation quote strips at three different levels to match to the visual showing knowledge of appropriate topics to talk about with appropriate conversation partners, a social skill story about appropriate conversation topics and whom to talk about them with, and a visual where clients can write people in their conversation circles. This 43-page packet is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $5.50.

St. Patrick's Day Sale icon

The good news for you is that I am feeling generous this St. Patrick's Day and even though many of my materials are very new, I would love to offer the 15% discount at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for Sunday, March 17th only! Please feel free to check these materials out and download some of my freebies! I have 12 freebies out of 15 on my TpT store and I would LOVE for you to download away!


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