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Some of you are already back at school while many others start next week. Personally, I start next week, but with all of this preparation, it feels like I started already. Take advantage of my preparation with this freebie that I created for the SLPs Hopping Back Into School blog hop! Before I go into what I created, make sure you continue reading to find out what the prizes you can receive for participating in the blog hop are as well as to find your freebie and the letter I have for your code!

BTS Grand Prize

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So now that you know about the prizes involved in this blog hop, here's some information about the freebie. Many of you have read my guest post at Playing With Words 365 titled "Increasing Client Awareness and Carryover of Speech and Language Goals" where I talk about how although I thought I was doing a great job informing my clients about their goals. At the end of the school year, when I asked my students to complete a survey about their knowledge of their speech and language goals, most of my students were mostly aware of what they were working on, but wanted more information on the "why?" and "for how long?". So, for this Back to School Blog Hop, I have created a 2-page set of worksheets to discuss speech goals (or any therapy goals for that matter). One worksheet is a KWL chart about speech goals and the second page has two thought bubbles for your clients to draw what they want to work on in therapy (warning - you may get silly/honest answers) and what they actually work on in therapy. I hope to create a lot more of these documents in the future, because I will make sure from now on that my students completely understand their goals.

BTS KWL ChartBTS Thoughts About Goals

You can download my back to school freebie at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

BTS Consonantly Speaking Code

Make sure that you don't forget to got down my letter for your code, located above, for the blog hop before you continue on your way!

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