SLP Social Media List

Over time I have been compiling my list of helpful speech-language pathology websites and blogs. I kept finding so many that I began to place them into a Microsoft Excel file so that I would not forget them. It was better than bookmarking the sites, and I was able to place them in ABC order. Plus, by now I'm sure you have noticed that I good at making lists. I feel that lists are useful for keeping information together in an orderly manner that you do not want to lose or forget.

Each time I thought I was done with the list a new blogger would come about or I would discover a new website that I enjoyed related to speech-language pathology. Finally, I felt that my list was complete last night when I kept running into the same blogs/websites without any new ones appearing. There are approximately 770 speech-language pathology blogs, websites, and stores that you can follow on social media on my list currently (as of 10/23/2013). I did not include every website out there, just websites that had a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest account, Instagram, Flickr, Google + account, bloglovin' to follow, YouTube videos, etc. as I felt that they had more of a presence and consistency of updating readers online with continuous articles and materials. That's not to say that all of the blogs on the list have or haven't been updated recently. In addition, who knows what other social media or websites I will be able to update the list with in the future?! Continue reading to find the link for this great resource list!

SLP Social Media List

I am excited to release this list to the public as I feel that it will draw more viewership/readership to the various websites, get more information on speech-language pathology and disorders to the public, and open doors for those who are keeping up with topics in the area of speech-language pathology (such as jobs, opportunities to review products, collaboration, friendships, mentorships, consultation, monetary, etc.).

This list may not be uploaded onto another website or claimed as your own. This list may not be sold or distributed for monetary purposes. You may not use this list to spam any of the people on it. If your website is on this list, you can ask the author of Consonantly Speaking to add information, remove information, edit information, or remove your website completely, but only information related to your website. If your website is not on this list but you would like it to be added, you may e-mail the author at, with your website and it will be taken as a suggestion. Only websites directly related to the field of speech-language pathology may be added to this list. You may save the list to your computer or device but you may not edit the list. You may share the link for the list but you may not distribute/share the list with others by file alone.

I hope this helps you find some new blogs or ways to collaborate with other speech-language pathologist professionals! I also look forward to continuous editing of this list, so be sure to check back every few months!


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