Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs

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I may feel that I was born to be an SLP - I was talkative, loved to read, creative, and loved to have fun! However, there was a time when I did not know what a speech-language pathologist was (hard to believe, I know, but as I said before I didn't know until 5th grade). That was when I was a cute little baby. Today I am joining up with my SLP blogging friends to bring you a giveaway. We have compiled our baby pictures to see if you can guess who's who! Read more to see our cute pics and to have a possibility of winning an Erin Condren gift card!

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A while back, you may remember the SLPeeps on Twitter doing a "Meet the SLPeeps" with pictures of their younger selves (view the post here at ndnspeechmom's blog). It has been about a year or so since there was such an incredible throwback. This time around, some of us SLPeeps bloggers decided to get together and show off our adorable baby pictures for a giveaway! Many of the bloggers did not participate in the previous Twitter giveaway event (many of our blogs were just babies then), so you will get to see some new cuties! View the pictures below and then I will explain the giveaway!

SLP bloggers poster 1

SLP bloggers poster 2

SLP bloggers poster 3

The rules are simple. Guess who's who! Your options are below of the bloggers who are participating and whose photos are above. When you think you have guessed them all correctly (or as close as you can get), e-mail Kristin from [simply speech] at

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Whomever gets them all correct first (or whomever gets the closest) will win a $50 Erin Condren gift card! Erin makes some great, gorgeous organizers on her website that you may have seen many of us blog about. She has generously donated a gift card for us to give away!

Speechie Blogger Bank

Have fun guessing and best of luck! Make sure that you enter by Sunday, October 6th at 11:59 pm EST. The answers and the winner will be announced on Monday! Here's a tip - it may be helpful to look at recent pictures of us on our blogging profiles or Facebook pages to help you guess! Below are our blogs so you can check everyone out!


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