What's In Your Cart?: Cyber Monday TpT Linky Party

What's In Your Cart?: Cyber Monday TpT Linky Party image
Most of the time, us speechies brag about what we bought on social media AFTER we buy it. This time around, Jenna from Speech Room News had a brilliant idea to show you what we are planning to buy BEFORE we swipe our credit cards! Since Small Business Saturday was yesterday, and Cyber Monday is tomorrow, I decided to join in on the "What's in Your Cart?: Cyber Monday Sale Linky Party" to promote other SLPs' small businesses on Teachers Pay Teachers! Want to see what I am planning on getting tomorrow? Continue reading to find out!

Cyber Monday Linky Party

Cyber Monday is a more recent day of shopping for people who like to receive holiday deals/discounts, but do not want to leave their houses. Once more and more people got computers with the internet, businesses started selling goods online and business boomed! Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is celebrated online with deals and discounts on products and services.

TpT Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale

As you may have noticed, Teachers Pay Teachers holds an annual Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale. Many speech-language pathologists who have created speech and language materials for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers are participating in the sale, including myself! However, I am not only a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers on my Consonantly Speaking store, I also purchase items to use with my students and to make my job easier! During the last sale at the beginning of the school year, I purchased all kinds of materials related to the Common Core as well as rating scales. Here is what I am going to purchase at this sale - mostly BUNDLES!:

Match It Quick Bundle

Intergalactic Bundle

Would You Rather Bundle

EET Companion Pack Bundle

Fluency Homework Labels

Here are a few other bundles that I have purchased in the past and use constantly!:

What Do You Know About Artic? Bundle

Activities for Older Students Bundle

Artic Dice Bundle

Roll a Dice Bundle

Itty-Bitty Books for Articulation Practice Bundle

Mirror Activities Bundle

Articulation Homework Packet for the Entire Year

Speech & Language Homework for a Year

How am I going to afford all of these bundles even with the discounts? I plan on reviewing items that I have purchased previously to earn points toward purchases of course! What's in your cart during this sale?


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