Consonantly Speaking's Edublog Award Nominations

Consonantly Speaking's Edublog Award Nominations image
The Edublog Award Nominations close tonight. They are yearly awards for the best bloggers in the education field. Since speech-language pathologists are amazing educators, I am excited to be able to nominate some of my favorite speech-language pathologist blogs this year! Continue reading to learn who I am nominating for the awards this year and maybe learn about some new blogs to follow!

The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

There are many categories in which I can nominate different educational blogs and tools, however, as you know I have learned about and followed many new blogs this year. It is extremely difficult for me to choose nominees out of 818 speech-language pathology websites and tools (yes, that's how many I have found now and you can view the file on my Resources page). Here is the best I can do to choose out of all of those tools:

That is about all I can actually narrow it down to. Many of the other categories I don't have much input or knowledge of, or I cannot decide what to choose! Please make sure you look out for the nominees on the Edublog Awards website and vote for your favorites soon!


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