Last Day to Vote to Support Speech-Language Pathology Blogs in the Edublog Awards of 2014!

Last Day to Vote to Support Speech-Language Pathology Blogs in the Edublog Awards of 2014! image
With ASHA still on my tongue and the fun that went with it, I completely forgot to check the Edublog awards for 2014. Then, when I did, I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I forgot to post about it! Oops! I am excited to announce that the other blog that I manage, Speechie Freebies, made the short list for Best Group Blog again this year! We are one of 24 blogs that made it to the short list! Congratulations to the bloggers/authors on the Speechie Freebies team! We have doubled our authors this year as well as followers, and the quality shows! This couldn't have happened without you! I am incredibly thankful for all of my readers! I am continuing my goal to make sure that no speech-language pathologist is without materials!

Edublog Awards 2014 Best Group Blog

Now, even if we don't win (which we may not since today is the last day of voting), it is a HUGE honor to be nominated! If you have time to vote today for any SLP blogs you like that made it to the shortlists, please do! I know we would all appreciate it!

Here's how:

1. Create a Listly by signing in with the social media account of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn).
2. Once you have created a Listly account and are signed in, head to the Edublog Awards' website and click the Best Group Blog list in the drop-down menu (or click here).
3. Click the "up" arrow underneath Speechie Freebies' box to vote for us!
Another way to vote is to create a Listly like in step #1 above and then click on Speechie Freebies' up arrow in the menu below:

Please help the SLPs sweep all of the categories we were nominated for this year with your votes! Remember, you can vote for more than one blog per category! It is much appreciated! Thanks again for all of you who nominated Speechie Freebies and thank you for your continued support!

Meme Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions With Clients in the Y and Z Generations

Meme Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions With Clients in the Y and Z Generations image
When I was first introduced to memes, I thought they were all for comedy and that they were image-based on the internet. However, I later found out that the term “meme” is actually more complex and broad than what you can find online. The word “meme” originates from science, noted first in Richard Dawkin’s book The Selfish Gene (1976), where Dawkins (an evolutionary biologist) discusses how in genetics a meme is a self-replicating unit with significance in explaining human behavior and cultural evolution ( He discusses that a meme is a cultural entity that might be replicated or imitated based on its ability to be retained, transmitted, and their aptitude to be replicated. In this article about memes and their use in speech-language therapy, I will be mostly discussing memes passed through social mediums including the internet, television, and radio through audio, video, images, and text as well as combinations of these mediums.

The Selfish Gene image

Memes passed through the social mediums of the internet, television, and radio are different than other memes. These can be saved to be found later and generally tracked back to the original source. This can show scientists, researchers, and marketing specialists how they transform over time, how many people have viewed or heard a particular meme, and what types of actions, in particular the continuation or dormancy of the meme, occur following a person being subjected to the meme. Scientists and researchers study how memes evolve and predict which will survive and spread throughout a culture.

To learn more about popular memes and how they can be used in speech-language therapy sessions, continue reading!

Creating Content Again For Speechie Freebies

Obviously I have been gone for a while. I will explain that in my next posts.

What I have missed the most is creating free content on my other website, Speechie Freebies. I have been kind of running things behind the scenes and creating the linky parties for Friday FreeBEES, but I would like to contribute more!

Speechie Freebies image

For now, I would like to present this free venn diagram I created a while back to compare and contrast the two books "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type" and "Giggle Giggle Quack" by: Doreen Cronin!

Click Clack Moo coverGiggle Giggle Quack

I used these books at the beginning of the year last year and my students loved them! I love the personalities that Doreen Cronin has given her characters! We did a lot of comparing and contrasting literature throughout the year in my vocabulary groups, so I created a venn diagram to compare and contrast these two books!

Doreen Cronin venn diagram image

You can pick up this freebie at my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking the image of the venn diagram above! I hope you find as helpful as I did!

Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) Linky Party

Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is coming to a close. Originally I had planned on doing weekly linky parties, but wedding planning has gotten in the way. So, I am holding a 2-day linky party where speech-language pathology and audiology bloggers/material creators/businesses can link up to show what they have done for BHSM! I would love to see posts about what BHSM means to you, any materials (paid or free) that you have created for BHSM to spread the word, any blog posts showing swag you have worn to promote BHSM, etc! The only rules are it has to be related to you or your business/practice/blog as an SLP or AUD and you must provide the direct link to your post/video. NO LINKING TO PRODUCTS/MATERIALS DIRECTLY - YOU MUST HAVE A POST ABOUT THE PRODUCT/MATERIAL AND WHY IT RELATES TO BHSM (not just any product/material; must be BHSM related)! Anything that does not follow these three rules will be deleted. This can be a post about something you did this year, or a post from a previous year!

Here is the image that you can use to show that you linked up to my party! I would love it if you could please link it back to this blog post (not my blog directly but this specific blog post)!

BHSM Linky Party image

Thanks for participating! I hope that those who are reading get a lot of information, inspiration, and content to use next year from this Linky Party!

Happy to be an SLP Blog Hop

Happy to be an SLP Blog Hop image
It is Better Hearing and Speech Month, so many of us SLP bloggers decided that we would celebrate with a blog hop! We wanted to share information about the profession, tips for SLPs/teachers/parents, and why we love being SLPs! I cannot wait to see what each of my blogging friends end up discussing related to the field. Personally, I am discussing the topic of cluttering. It is my favorite speech and language disorder to treat and I even made a YouTube video about it! Speaking of YouTube videos, there is a great one that The Dabbling Speechie and her husband edited together with clips of many of us SLP bloggers showing how happy we are to be SLPs! Finally, we wanted to give back to the SLP community with a giveaway including products from Social Thinking, Smarty Ears, and TpT gift certificates! To learn more about cluttering, follow our blog hop, and to enter the giveaway, continue reading!

An Incredible SLP Blogger Searching For a Cure for JA and Your Chance to Give Back

An Incredible SLP Blogger Searching For a Cure for JA and Your Chance to Give Back image
About two weeks ago, I posted about a way to help a generous application developer. This time around, I'm promoting one of our own - Katie Yeh, the SLP blogger from Playing With Words, has a daughter who has Juvenile Arthritis. She is only five years old and has this life-long, chronic auto immune disorder. This attacks her joints which causes her pain. Katie is participating in the annual Walk to Cure Arthritis in honor of her daughter and is raising money for the Arthritis Foundation. You can learn more about Katie's daughter's journey by clicking here. Katie writes blog posts consistently helping families learn about and activities to help speech and language development. Now we have the opportunity to give back for all that she does.

So how can you help? Many speech-language pathologists, including myself, have donated products to be placed into two bundles where 100% of the proceeds would go to the Arthritis Foundation. Each bundle of downloadable, printable activities, worksheets, and presentations is $20. There are 26 items in each bundle! Between the two bundles, you can get $125 worth of materials! Another way to donate is to purchase Katie Yeh's "How to Help Your Child Talk: The eBook" product. This downloadable book is 50 pages long and includes handouts for parents and SLPs. Personally, I found it valueable to purchase both bundles and her eBook because not only am I helping donate to a great cause, but I get quality materials to use with my students and parents. The walk is this weekend, but I believe the bundles will be up through most of May.

To see what is inside each of the bundles or purchase them, click the image below:

Help Us Find a Cure for Juvenile Arthritis Bundles Image

To learn more about the "How to Help Your Child Talk" eBook or purchase it, click the image below:

How to Help Your Child Talk eBook Image

You can also donate directly to Katie Yeh's daughter's team for the Walk to Cure Arthritis here.

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party - May Teacher Appreciation Sale

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party - May Teacher Appreciation Sale image
I am incredibly excited that there is finally another sale coming up on Teachers Pay Teachers - this time for Teacher Appreciation! Like many of you, my Wish-List is bursting at the seams. Speech Room News is hosting another Linky Party to share what we are buying during this sale! To find out what I am planning on purchasing, and maybe find items that you might be interested in, keep reading!

SLP May Facebook Frenzy

SLP May Facebook Frenzy image
I have participated in blog hops, created giveaways, tried to pin-it-to-win-it, and more; but this is my first Facebook Frenzy! If you haven't heard of a Facebook Frenzy, don't worry; I hadn't until last winter. Let me walk you through what a Facebook Frenzy is so that you can get free, downloadable materials from your favorite speech-language pathologist bloggers and TpT stores!

A Facebook Frenzy is similar to a blog hop. Instead of moving from blog to blog in a circle, you move from Facebook page to Facebook page in a circle! The only catch is that in order to receive the free material, you must "Like"/"Follow" the Facebook page to access the material. This allows for you to discover and follow new speech-language pathology blogs and TpT stores which you might find interesting, as well as show your thanks by supporting their page by liking it! To find out all 20 participants and how to access the free materials they created, continue reading!

The Generosity of an Application Developer and Your Chance to Give Back

The Generosity of an Application Developer and Your Chance to Give Back image
Many of you have read my reviews of Mobile Education Store's applications, developed by Kyle Tomson. They were the first applications that I reviewed for speech-language pathology. After reviewing many of his applications, Kyle made it a point to reach out to me via e-mail. He is appreciative of every mention of what he has created, a passion stemming from his daugther who has autism, review or otherwise. After reviewing his first applications, I have reviewed many of his later releases including two of my favorites for the iPad: Conversation Builder Teen and Tense Builder; for which he has generously donated codes for me to use and review with my students. I can genuinely say that his applications have a permanent place on my iPad and have truly helped many of my students with communication disorders with grammar and conversation skills. You have most likely seen his generosity through discounts on his applications, giveaways of his applications on various websites, and sometimes giveaways as big as iPads! I was fortunate enough to meet Kyle at the ASHA 2013 conference in November, when he invited me to come and promote his brand in the Exhibitor Hall. There, I got to finally meet an amazing individual who genuinely cared about the quality and education value of his product to assist in the education of children not only with communication disorders but at all levels of science and literacy skills. Kyle Tomson is one of the few application developers who develops a personal relationship with those who use his applications and takes it upon himself to tackle technology and education's biggest problems. From watching him interact with speech-language pathologists, as well as hearing about his interactions with others through social media, you can tell that he truly listens and responds to the questions, ideas, thoughts, and concerns of educators.

Crack the Books ASHA 2013

(Kyle Tomson, developer of Crack the Books series, at ASHA 2013)

Around ASHA 2014, Kyle released his latest series of applications, titled the Crack the Books series. I have been fortunate enough to have used and witnessed the development behind a couple of these applications, and I am absolutely awestruck. The quality of these applications from behind the scenes is evident from the different reading levels to the interactivity to the pristine images. From a development standpoint, these are high-quality and took a lot of time, research, and money to develop. On the application store, consumers get to see the finished product and the price, but they do not have knowledge of the inner workings of application development. It takes a team - content writers, researchers, educators, graphic designers, programmers, narrators, etc. When we see a piece of software on other websites, we can expect to be charged upwards of $50 for this type of quality work. Unfortunately, the way in which the application store is rooted, society expects software for their devices to be 99 cents or less - this is pathetic for even applications such as Angry Birds and Toca Store, which earn a significant amount of money but took hundreds more to develop than the amount they charge. Kyle tackles this problem by charging a fee to download for the quality and time spent creating his applications, plus a subscription service for future updates.

Crack the Books Series

But enough about generosity and politics - the point of this post is to tell you why it is important to give back and donate to the Mobile Education Store's latest project. If we are investing in iPads as teaching tools in the classroom, then we need to also invest in quality educational content that can be used with an entire classroom of readers from low to high reading levels, engages our students, and grows in content. There are not that many textbooks available for the iPad and those that are out there currently have static displays. This is not taking advantage of the iPad as a learning tool - iPads can be touched, play video, show visuals, read text aloud, etc. The Crack the Books series is revolutionary in the fact that there are five different reading levels that contain the same content but make sure that each student has the same access (including text-to-speech), include interactive visuals, are motivating in interactivity and visually, have high-quality images, are researched (include citations for content), and allow for assessment of knowledge through flash cards, notes, and quizzes. If that doesn't convince you of the quality of these applications, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how amazing these applications are:

Take it from someone who understands technology, what it takes behind the scenes to create such amazing content, and the value of technology in education - if you want to continue using iPads as educational tools, we need to invest in content like this. Content that is accessible for all learners - visual, textual, auditory, sensory - and multiple reading levels within one classroom. Content that continues to grow in quantity and quality. Content that USES the iPad's technology to its advantage and is not static. I highly recommend backing this project whether you are an educator, therapist, or parent and want to see quality content like this in the schools. Donate by clicking the image below to go to the Kickstarter website for this campaign and clicking "back this project". I did.

Crack the Books Kickstarter

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