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It is Better Hearing and Speech Month, so many of us SLP bloggers decided that we would celebrate with a blog hop! We wanted to share information about the profession, tips for SLPs/teachers/parents, and why we love being SLPs! I cannot wait to see what each of my blogging friends end up discussing related to the field. Personally, I am discussing the topic of cluttering. It is my favorite speech and language disorder to treat and I even made a YouTube video about it! Speaking of YouTube videos, there is a great one that The Dabbling Speechie and her husband edited together with clips of many of us SLP bloggers showing how happy we are to be SLPs! Finally, we wanted to give back to the SLP community with a giveaway including products from Social Thinking, Smarty Ears, and TpT gift certificates! To learn more about cluttering, follow our blog hop, and to enter the giveaway, continue reading!

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Before I get into the topic of cluttering, I want to state some reasons why I love being a speech-language pathologist (SLP):

  • I help people communicate because everyone has the right to
  • I get to continue learning and collaborate with other professionals
  • It is a career where I get to work with amazing clients who make progress every day
  • I enjoy finding creative and fun ways as well as real-life situations to practice communication skills that will encourage carry-over and maintenance of skills
There are so many other reasons why I love being an SLP, but that would take up an entire novel! Instead of writing the novel here, I am going to discuss cluttering.

First, I made this YouTube video which gives an overview of cluttering, an example of what cluttering can sound like (I am not a person who clutters, so this is merely myself trying to give my best example), therapy ideas, and resources for treatment of cluttering.

Before I post more about the blog hop and the giveaway, I would like to add some links to more resources related to cluttering:

I hope that you find some of these resources helpful in treating cluttering and other fluency disorders! Now onto the blog hop! Here's the video where you'll see your faves lip syncing to Pharrell's "Happy":

There are 18 of us speech-language pathology bloggers participating; each providing information about a different communication disorder for Better Hearing and Speech Month. Social Thinking, ARK Therapeutic, and Smarty Ears have graciously donated prizes and all of us have pitched in to give away TpT gift certificates (a $50, $25, and $15) for the lucky winners of our giveaway!

Happy to be an SLP Blog Hop Prizes

PediaStaff also noticed the Toobaloo that Sublime Speech was wearing in the video from ASHA 2013 and offered to give away 4 Toobaloos here - http://www.pediastaff.com/blog/happy-to-be-an-slp-and-to-have-a-chance-at-winning-some-toobaloos-21136

In order to enter the giveaway, you must figure out the phrase in which each of the bloggers' letters spell out. My letter is below:

Consonantly Speaking Blog Hop Letter E

Enter the phrase into the Rafflecopter on the final blog and submit your entry. Best of luck to everyone! I hope you learn a lot during this Happy to be an SLP blog hop! Click the images below to head to the first post or the next post.

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