Who Knew RtI Could Be So Fun!

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I am honored that I was invited to participate in Jennifer Preschern of Speech Language Literacy Lab's (SL3) School Based Intervention and RtI Blog Hop! You can see who else has/will be participating and get links to their posts here: http://www.sl3lab.com/#/sl3-favorite-therapy-resources/ Each of the speech-language pathologist authors chose their own topic. Today, I will be blogging about the most fun I ever had with RtI in the schools! To find out what made my RtI sessions fun, continue reading below.

Free Materials to Promote Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) 2015

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I wrote a posts in 2012 and 2013 (I was busy getting married in 2014, so no post then) about free materials that you can use for Better Hearing and Speech Month! There are even more SLP bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers is EXTREMELY popular, therefore there are significantly more materials for you to print and use for free! My post will begin with newer freebies, followed by the materials in the 2012 and 2013 posts! To find these free, downloadable, printable materials, continue reading!

Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) Linky Party 2015

Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) Linky Party 2015 image
I am holding a month-long linky party where speech-language pathology and audiology bloggers, material creators, and businesses can link up to show what they have done for Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)! I would love to see posts about what BHSM means to you, any materials (paid or free) that you have created for BHSM to spread the word, any blog posts showing swag you have worn to promote BHSM, etc.! The only rules are it has to be related to you or your business/practice/blog as an SLP or AUD and you must provide the direct link to your post/video. NO LINKING TO PRODUCTS/MATERIALS DIRECTLY - YOU MUST HAVE A POST ABOUT THE PRODUCT/MATERIAL AND WHY/HOW IT RELATES TO BHSM (not just any product/material; must be BHSM related)! Anything that does not follow these three rules will be deleted. This can be a post about something you did this year or you can re-post about what you did in a previous year (as long as the post itself is current)!

Here is the image that you can use to show that you linked up to my party! I would love it if you could please link it back to this blog post (not my blog directly but this specific blog post)!

BHSM Linky Party 2015

Link to your content below relating to BHSM! Remember NO links to materials - must have a blog post or Facebook note explaining the material and how it relates to BHSM (must be a material related to BHSM, not just any general material). Direct link to your blog post/Facebook note/video about how you celebrated/are celebrating BHSM!

To link to your content, press the "Add Your Link" button. Then, type in the direct link to your post. After that, choose the picture you want associated with your link and submit!

I look forward to seeing what everyone posts! You all are an important part of Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Better Hearing & Speech Month Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge

Better Hearing & Speech Month Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge image
When I first saw Instagram, it was a social media platform that I was not interested in joining. I felt like it took away a lot of privacy and people on it took a lot of "selfies", which felt kind of self-centered to me. Then, I noticed that other speech-language pathologists were using it to share therapy ideas. So, I had to join in! I love taking pictures and scrapbooking! Once I started following more and more users, I started noticing photo-a-day challenges. These ranged from fashion to autism awareness to occupational therapy awareness to weight loss challenges. Therefore, since Better Hearing and Speech Month is coming up in a few days, I teamed up with Kristin from [simply speech] to create our own speech-language pathology awareness photo-a-day challenge since she had the same idea (great minds think alike)! To learn more about this challenge and what we are giving away, continue reading below.

The Fib Revealed!: From the 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop

The Fib Revealed!: From the 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop image
The wait is over! All of the SLPs in the blog hop have revealed their facts and fibs, and the winner of the $50 Amazon gift card has been announced! To find out who won the gift card, visit Speech2U's blog post here. To find out which stories were my facts and which was the fib, continue reading.

2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop

2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop image
I am a very gullible person. I have been my entire life. Luckily, as I got older and went to college, I got better at reading people. Today, I get to be the sneaky one and have you all play a game of 2 truths and a lie with some of my SLP friends! Don't try to trick me into giving away my answers or anyone elses! Also, for the few of you who have known me personally for over a few years, don't give anything away! Continue reading after the break to learn more about this blog hop and what prize you can win for guessing our fibs!

Spring SLPs on TpT Hop and Hunt!

Spring SLPs on TpT Hop and Hunt! image
Spring is here! There is significantly less snow on the ground outside my window! I can see green grass (...and brown)! I haven't seen a robin yet, but I'm sure they're out there! I am not a winter person, so if Winter is still in your zone or you're excited for Spring, this TpT Hop Hunt is for you! This is the first time that I have participated in a TpT Hop, so things were a little glitchy to begin with, but everything should be good to go now! Not sure what a TpT Hop is? Continue reading to find out and to grab lots of free materials for Spring!

What's In Your Cart Linky Party for Teachers Are Heroes Sale 2015

What's In Your Cart Linky Party for Teachers Are Heroes Sale 2015 image
How does one choose what to include in his or her cart as an SLP during a sale, when that person does not have a caseload at the moment? That is the predicament that I am in, and one would say, just don't get anything. I wish I had that self-restraint. Therefore, I tried to purchase items that could work with clients across multiple ages, settings, and goals. See what I chose to put in my cart this sale by continuing to read below!

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul Blog Hop

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul Blog Hop image
Good morning all! My name is Jessica Solari of Consonantly Speaking, if you haven't been here before! I'm excited to have joined up with a team of bloggers to present Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul to you! You'll hear lots of amazing and inspirational stories from all of us, and there is a prize that you can possibly win at the end. To read my story, click through the break; but make sure that after you read it you keep scrolling down to get my secret number, continue to the next blog/story, and for information on how to win a prize!

For the Love of Speech Blog Hop

For the Love of Speech Blog Hop image
For the Love of Speech Blog Hop Image

I am SO excited to be collaborating with my SLPeeps again for another blog hop! This one is related to Valentine's Day! It is taking place February 1st-4th, 2015. Some of the bloggers' materials are free samples of a product, some are free for a limited time, and some will be free forever. Because I run the website Speechie Freebies and will be linking this to there (hello if you came over from that website and welcome!!), mine will be free forever. In order to make sure you get all of the materials in this blog hop for free, download them between the dates listed above to guarantee it! There are about 28 freebies in total if you follow the entire loop! Thank you to Speech to the Core and The Speech Owl for organizing this blog hop!

I am currently working with PreK-2nd grade students, and many of my ECSE students have yes/no question goals. Therefore, when it was time to decide what type of activity i was going to contribute to this blog hop, I thought of them and that's what I created!

Will You Be My Valentine? Yes/No Questions Preview Image

There are 28 cards with yes/no questions on them related to Valentine's Day images! Children can answer the questions by verbalizing "yes" or "no", or by pointing to the yes or no symbol on each card (green check mark for yes; red canceled out symbol for no). Some of my students are non-verbal or have apraxia of speech, so I love having both options available. You can print, cut out, and laminate the cards for durability. Click here or on the image above to download the free PDF file from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

I hope these flash cards are as helpful for you as they will be for me! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and I would love it if you would follow me on social media! I have been more active on Facebook and Instagram lately, but I have lots of blog posts coming up soon as well! I took a little break when I started my new job, and now it is almost done!

To continue along on this blog hop, please click the image below to head over to Smart Speech Therapy's blog for another freebie!

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