What's In Your Cart Linky Party for Teachers Are Heroes Sale 2015

What's In Your Cart Linky Party for Teachers Are Heroes Sale 2015 image
How does one choose what to include in his or her cart as an SLP during a sale, when that person does not have a caseload at the moment? That is the predicament that I am in, and one would say, just don't get anything. I wish I had that self-restraint. Therefore, I tried to purchase items that could work with clients across multiple ages, settings, and goals. See what I chose to put in my cart this sale by continuing to read below!

What's in Your Cart Teachers Are Superheroes Sale Image

I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News today because I heard that the Teachers are Heroes Sale gained an extra surprise sale day! So, I feel like I'm not too late to join in! I had a limited budget and I am completely unaware of where I will be working next, so I had to choose items that could be used with almost any caseload! Here are some of the items I chose to buy (click the images to be brought to the product):

Grab N Grow S Image

What a unique and intelligent idea by For His Glory Teaching! I bought multiple sounds of this theme and can't wait to see more! I can use these on the go with multiple students on my caseload!

FCD Activity & Flashcards Image

Check out this store NOW! I have purchased so many items from Speech MaterialGirl's store over the past few months and they all make sense and work with my students! This activity is interactive and perfect for my final consonant deletion kiddos!

What's In The Jar Image

I buy a LOT of Jenna Rayburn's (Speech Room News) interactive books, but I am seeing some other sellers with unique interactive books as well! The Speech Attic has a different idea with this particular book where instead of placing items onto a page, you have vocabulary covered initially and take off the manipulative!

Token Talk Quick Drill G Image

I own pretty much everything in Tech 'n Talk SLPs store. When I saw that I was missing the /g/ sound of the Token Talk series, I remedied that immediately! These boards are perfect for on the go and motivating with bingo chips/a magnetic wand!

Old Lady Story Sequencing Necklaces Image

I am SO SICK of Old Lady comprehension companion packs. Seriously. Stop making them. I didn't think I would buy anything else related to this series. But then I saw [simply speech]'s story sequencing necklaces. This is a completely new idea for the books, and since I own them all, why not have another idea to switch things up? I recommend checking out her Old Lady companion packs for PreK (which owns the Old Lady market for that age) as well as Crazy Speech World's craftivities, The Speech Bubble SLP's Interactive Comprehension books, and Speechy Musings' Interactive Book Attachments for Old Lady activities that aren't the same old same old. I have used the Old Lady series for artic and language skills across my elementary caseload.

Community Helpers Interactive Books Bundle Image

Since I talked about The Speech Bubble SLPs' Old Lady Comprehension books, which I bought a while back and use all the time, I want to talk about the Community Helpers Interactive Comprehension Book Bundle that I purchased today. Since my students already know how her books work, the transition will be easy to answer comprehension questions with these! Just cover the answer to the question you are asking with a question mark and have the child remove it after he/she answers!

Spring Functional Communication Song & Story Boards Bundle

I have the fall and winter bundles of The Speech Path for Kids' Functional Communication Song & Story Boards (& More) and used them ALL THE TIME with my ECSE students. They are AMAZING and a huge time saver! Plus, all of my kiddos can participate in lessons and motivating songs! Now I just need the Summer bundle and I will be set for a whole year! If you haven't checked out these bundles yet, head over to her store! She sells each month individually or the whole year as a bundle as well if you are interested.

St. Patrick's Day Fun Pack Image

I am absolutely in love with Putting Words Into Your Mouth's Fun Packs! They are all holiday themed and have lots of artic and language pages! I can send pages home for homework as well, and I get a much higher return rate! I owned her Thanksgiving, Winter, Christmas, Summer, and Valentine's Fun Packs, so the next one to get was St. Patrick's Day! Now I only have two more to go - Earth Day and Easter (unless she makes more or I am missing one...which is totally fine with me!)!

Nonfiction Texts Bundle Image

With my credits, I hope I can get Nicole Allison's Nonfiction Texts Bundle! I love having things I can use across the year that are themed! This will be great for upper elementary/middle school students! I have heard a lot of good things about this product and it looks great! She is a seller I can trust quality-wise!

I bought a little bit more than this, but these were my faves! I also bought some clipart to create my own products (slowly but surely). Finally, I edited a LOT of my friends' products that I would have bought. These include: Leveled Grammar Intervention by Nicole Allison, Articulation Strips /r/ by Sublime Speech, All About Verbs and Phonology Print N' Go Flashcards by The Dabbling Speechie, Context Clues in Color 2 and No Prep Articulation by The Speech Bubble SLP, Color and Insect Life Cycles Interactive Vocabulary Books by Speech Room News, Flip & Clip: Pronouns and Get the Gold Reverse Interactive Book by Teach Speech 365, Story in a Can by Busy Bee Speech, and Feed the Leprechaun File Folder and Producing Complete Sentences: Sorting Cards by Speech Time Fun (yes I was busy).

Check out what other people are buying at Speech Room News' linky party on her website! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found some items that you can use for the sale! Remember, it goes through 11:59 pm on February 26th, 2015 (today) and be sure to enter the code "HEROES" when you check out!


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