The Fib Revealed!: From the 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop

The Fib Revealed!: From the 2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop image
The wait is over! All of the SLPs in the blog hop have revealed their facts and fibs, and the winner of the $50 Amazon gift card has been announced! To find out who won the gift card, visit Speech2U's blog post here. To find out which stories were my facts and which was the fib, continue reading.

2 Facts and a Fib Blog Hop The Fib Revealed Image

Here are my three statements again with the fib revealed:

A. I accidentally flashed the entire high school senior class of 2003 during their practice run of walking down the aisles to graduate to "Pomp and Circumstance". (TRUE)

I wish this one was false. I was wearing a skirt, but don't worry, I had underwear on underneath. Everyone did applaud though. Surprisingly, at the time I was not embarrassed. One of my classmates came up to me afterwards, asked me why, and told me that she was surprised at how well I was holding up. I felt like, I can't take it back, so I may as well laugh about it! I did become embarrassed when my band director wrote about it in a memory book my mom asked all of my teachers/friends to write a page for at my graduation party. Seriously, out of EVERYTHING that I did, that was what he wrote about. Not about me being a drum major or how well I played, about how I flashed a crowd of people. So, I will never forget that moment!

B. My family and I sat next to Esteban and his family for dinner at Teppan Edo hibachi restaurant in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida when I was younger. (TRUE)

On my first trip to Walt Disney World, we bought a family package to go to character breakfasts and pre-paid for meal tickets. One of the restaurants we went to was Teppan Edo hibachi restaurant in Epcot. At the table was Esteban and his family and our family (I can't recall if there were other families...maybe one more couple). He was a really down-to-earth guy. My mom loves playing guitar, and I'm not sure that she recognized him at first. After he introduced himself, my mom asked him a bunch of questions about his style of playing guitar. After that, we pretty much enjoyed our meals and kept to ourselves other than commenting on what the chef was doing. When we got back home from vacation, my mom made sure to tell us wayyyyy more about Esteban and how cool he was to her.

C. I've been a cat person my entire life, but my dad is allergic to animals, so we never had any pets growing up. (FALSE)

My dad is allergic to most animals, not all animals. In fact, we had pet goldfish and rabbits throughout my time living at home. He was allergic to the rabbits, but we kept them in our garage. He really liked them too even though he had to wash his hands immediately and couldn't spend a ton of time holding them. We also had a puppy for 10 days. Yep. 10 days. We called it our "Rent-a-Dog". It was a hypoallergenic dog (Maltese?). It barked all night when we first got it, which kept my mom up (although, I think that she was already awake due to insomnia and it just bothered her), so we brought it back. I was very upset that they didn't try harder to train it or give it time to warm up to our house, but oh well, not my decision. I have always been a dog person and actually hated cats growing up. I had been hissed at and scratched by so many cats of my friends and parents' friends that I was slightly fearful of them too. Then, I started dating guys that were cat people, so I had to get used to cats. That still didn't help, especially when I stepped in cat poop/puke a few times and none of the cats really cared to be around me.

Finally, I started dating my now husband who lived in his own apartment with his cat. My previous boyfriends were high school/college boyfriends, so I never had to permanently deal with their cats - their parents owned the cats at the their house and I only went to their parents' houses to visit over the summer here and there. Otherwise, I was at their dorm room, which didn't allow pets. This time I knew I had to deal with a cat if I wanted to date my husband. For the first year, I was scared of the cat, so I wore blue jeans/sweaters during the summer and winter to not get scratched. The second year, the cat realized that he couldn't antagonize me and didn't hiss as much. I showed him who was boss and that I wasn't going anywhere. He began to tolerate me. When I moved in with my husband after he proposed to me, the cat still didn't show much affection towards me. Over my summer off, he got used to me more and sometimes would hang out with me on the couch until I went to pet him. I learned how to clip his nails that year, so I wasn't scared of him at all anymore. After we got married, he started being more affectionate, so we decided that he was a "traditional values cat" - meaning that he didn't approve of me until we were legally married. I know that isn't the case, but it was pretty convenient timing. On the last day of our move to a new apartment, he was a scaredy cat and sat at my feet the entire time I was resting before we left. It was the weirdest thing because he usually sought comfort from my husband. Now that we have moved into our new apartment, it is a much better apartment for him to run/play around. There was a definite change in his attitude. Now he rubs on my legs when I'm getting ready in the morning, purrs when I pet him (seriously, this was a big deal after 4-5 years), seeks out my attention, runs to the door when I come home, plays with cat toys with me, and sleeps next to me during naps. It took 5 years for me to be comfortable with/like cats. Now I am seeing that I am not responsible enough to own a dog, even though I am a dog person, so I am going to have to keep on being a cat person for the rest of my life. Too bad my dad can't come visit our apartment due to his allergies, unless he takes a ton of allergy medicine! My mom, however, enjoys bringing over treats for her "grandkitty".


Too funny - I never would have thought that the story of how I came to like cats would be longer than my other stories. Oh well - when an SLP loves something, she will talk about it forever!!

Did you guess my fib correctly? Do you have any similar experiences? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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