ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - SpeakinMotion Application Reviews and Giveaways

ABCs 4 SLPs SpeakinMotion

There are a lot of great applications on the market for aphasia, apraxia of speech, and autism. One set of applications that provide visual and auditory cues for people with aphasia are the SpeakinMotion applications. These include VAST Autism 1 - Core, VASTtx - Key Words, VASTtx - Therapy Samples, VAST Songs 1 - Intro, and VAST Autism 1 - Core (Spanish). SpeakinMotion also offers a custom recording service available on their website. These are the applications I wish I had when I was helping people who had aphasia in the graduate school clinic. To learn more about the English language SpeakinMotion applications and to enter a giveaway of each, continue reading.

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